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New Mexico film industry on brink of boom amid abortion protests in GA and LA

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The political developments are being watched closely in New Mexico, which is poised to benefit even though state officials have said there's no organized campaign to lure film productions from those states.


"I don't know that we are necessarily using that as a drawing card, because we are a drawing card," New Mexico Film Office Director Todd Christensen said.


The jump also comes as New Mexico is set to more than double its annual state spending cap on film incentives.


In addition, NBCUniversal announced Friday it will build a television and film studio in a warehouse district just north of downtown Albuquerque as it seeks to expand its footprint in one of the fastest-growing film production hubs in the country.


The company said it entered a 10-year venture with a developer to reshape an empty warehouse into a studio with two sound stages and offices. The studio will be used to produce shows for broadcast and cable channels.


The New Mexico Film Office said the coming Amazon TV series production "The Power" reached out to New Mexico because of Georgia's political climate.


"The Power" will be a 10-part series based on Naomi Alderman's 2016 novel in which women around the world suddenly gain the ability to electrocute people.



New Mexico was one of the first states to launch a film incentive program in 2003 and upped the ante with a new package of film and TV incentives passed by lawmakers during this year's 60-day legislative session and signed into law by Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham in March.


When I lived in Georgia, it was a continuous story about how the state was growing as a hub for filmmakers and how the film industry's attraction to the state helped create film festivals and jobs and boosted the economy. I'm really curious how this will affect Georgia if there's an exodus of money that used to go into it.

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