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Starmancer ("Dwarf Fortress in Space") - PC Gaming Show 2019 Trailer

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Chucklefish showed off space sim Starmancer at the PC Gaming Show. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, you control a semi-human AI that has to build a space colony for human inhabitants to survive on.


PC Gamer article: Space pirates murder everybody in the trailer for colony management sim Starmancer


Starmancer is inspired by Dwarf Fortress and is aiming for a similar complexity, so you'll need to manage a lot: machine wiring and power grids, oxygen, food, and water, relationships with other factions, and of course the wants and needs of your colonists, who each have their own personalities and quirks. A colonist could succumb to disease, break their bones in an accident, become dangerously jealous of a rival, and even begin smuggling hazardous items on board like weapons or alien eggs.


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