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Making your own Minis.

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Thought this would interest the tabletop board, I'm not much into it myself but a coworker has been bugging me forever about making him some figures for his DND play.

I got a new $199 Printer last week, the creality ender 3

Thing took me about 30 minutes to assemble (which is magical for a kit since my Prusa took me almost two days) and I was printing right away..  this video clued me in on the trick to get perfect minis, I just had to download his profile into cura and use it when slicing figures, and my results were incredible. (Pic below)


If you're really, really into this sort of thing, this may be a good move for you


Also a Fantastic site for creating your own model designs (just save as an STL, run them through microsofts 3D builder windows 10 app and it will repair them for printing)





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