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GW showed off the 10th edition bix set, And it is absolutely incredible.


Every unit in the box is a brand new sculpt. I’m already squirrelling away money to get two of these boxes, as Nids are my main, and the marines will be added to my Dark Angels.  I’ll also be adding my lion and rertinue, brutalis dread, and Desolation marines from the Agastus Box set from February that I still need to build. 

Box is coming in June. I expect late June. I’m very excited to play this. I have a game of 9th today, and the bloat and ruleset are starting to get long in the tooth. It seems like they made a very different, faster game, which they really needed to do as other tabletop games are starting to get eyes on them. 9th was an awful experience for new players. Even longtime players and tournament champions from yhe highest level have complained about the glut of rules around every faction. Especially people who play multiple armies. This brings back universal special rules.




The Old World has a presentation tomorrow that I’m absolutely excited for. Really hoping we see it around Christmas or very early 2024. Christmas is seeming likely.



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