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Bought a Samsung 49 inch gaming monitor C49HG90

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I'm still on the fence as to whether or not this was a good investment, especially considering the one game I play doesn't feed into it properly (more on that later).


For a couple of games, this monitor is awesome. I never realized how much I would appreciate the total peripheral vision that comes with a monitor like this. Red Dead Redemption 2 just looks awesome, and sometimes I'm left wondering how I ever got along without such a large monitor.



It's huge.

Handles most games pretty well.



Expensive. Cost me nearly $1000

Really only has 1080p. I'm okay with that, but I understand that a lot of the critics have derided that as a significant factor not to buy, and I totally get that.

Doesn't work with every game.


As to that last point, this is why I'm really torn on this investment. I play Star Wars The Old Republic religiously, and for some reason even though its graphics choices have a 3840x1080 option, it stretches everything sideways so that every character looks extremely fat and each item on screen is a lot wider than it really appears. I can't fix this no matter what I do. I even tried putting the game in window mode and changing the resolution. The game has some inherent resolution parameters that just won't allow you to make a change that makes a difference. On numerous forums, the other widescreen users all complained about the same thing, and my favorite was one that linked to SWTOR customer support saying "update your drivers" as if every person on the planet hasn't tried doing that.


Anyway, those are my thoughts. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

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