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  1. I really like his song in the show Eastbound & Down. I'm not a country fan but that song is amazing.
  2. I've watched Batman Begins a few times and I don't understand the appeal. It is by far the worst out of the trilogy. TDK is the best and TDKR is second best.
  3. I did everything possible in Skyrim. It was fun but I never want to play Skyrim again since I did everything, and I also played the DLC. I beat the main quest when I was about halfway through the game.
  4. This kind of sucks for me because I already purchased this game on Steam years ago. I have the version that isn't remastered. They should make the older versions on Steam remastered for free, kind of like how Skyrim was remastered for free to owners of regular Skyrim.
  5. I need to do some manscaping and trim my pubes. Any advice on what kind of trimmer to get?
  6. He's not that great of an actor, but I think a good choice for Bond/007 would be Charlie Hunnam.
  7. Everyone knows that James Bond is a white male (preferably British) and it should always stay that way.
  8. Very disappointing episode except for the end. The battle was trash.
  9. Nah, it just makes you a nerd. (Just kidding) I am admittedly a PC nerd and have been lurking these forums for a while. I don't want to have any forum enemies.
  10. Are you autistic or something? Because nobody would remember all that from 2004. Seek some help, seriously. All I can remember is getting the boxed retail version from the mall then going home and Steam was overloaded and nobody could play at that time. I don't remember what time it was because my memory is normal. I was 15 years old and am also PST.
  11. The internet says Half-Life 2 came out November 16, 2004 – 08:00:00 UTC I seriously doubt you meant 8:00 UTC Either way it's not a big deal so I guess we will just have to agree to disagree https://steamdb.info/app/220/
  12. How convenient. You're lucky my memory isn't that good but if it was I could probably prove you wrong.
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