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The return of Simply Austin


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Simply Austin, a great emulator resource on YT went quiet a while back. Not a shock, happens all the time. Well he just had a live stream today to explain what happened. The TLDR is, he fucked up his leg in the UK army a few years back. Had 5 operations on it. The pain and painkillers were getting to him. They finally said they couldn't fix it any more and they'd have to remove part of his leg. It took a while for NHS to git er done, and was finally done in Nov. Over all he's happier now cuz he's in less pain, less painkillers, can walk somewhat on his mechanical arm (not sure where the cut was, I think it's below the knee), and he can think straight again and start working on videos again.


Anyway, good to see him back, he had great tutorials a few years back.

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