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Found 16 results

  1. Achievement list has been released. Almost time to murder all of Montana Achievement List I'm more excited for this than I probably should be.
  2. Blog entry Far Cry Arcade is Far Cry 5's map editor mode, and it's bigger, more versatile, and more packed with content than it's been at any point in the series' past. The first Far Cry map editor to enable players to create their own solo, co-op, and PvP levels, Far Cry Arcade is a chance for players to crack open the game and use its assets to build their own customized adventures and experiences. Far Cry Arcade's goal is to make these custom maps as accessible as the campaign, and one way to accomplish that is to integrate them directly into Hope County – and your character's progression.
  3. Ubisoft have revealed details of Far Cry 5’s season pass, as well as a new story trailer. The season pass will include three adventures that leave the world of Hope County, Montana far behind. The three adventures are far more in the vein of Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon expansion than an extension of Far Cry 5’s story. The first, Hours of Darkness, takes players back in time to battle against the Viet Cong in the Vietnam War. The second, Dead Living Zombies, appears to be a B-movie style horde mode game, and the final DLC adventure, Lost on Mars, will take players to the stars to fight against Martian arachnids.
  4. The delay is to invest more time in the game's development.
  5. The "Crusader dog/wolf hybrid" is a nice touch. Are these your neighbors @rc0101?
  6. Kotaku's pretty reliable Jason Schreir kinda/sorta indicated that this theory is correct.