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  1. I've been gone for a bit. How's the PCCB?

    You weren't before?
  2. I just returned to the glorious US of A after a business trip. I included a portrait from my recent travels abroad. How's everyone doing? How's the world? What new games is everyone playing? What did I miss in the last 6 months?

    Now I'm interested.
  4. Yeah, I read that one as well. Those things are death traps. Eventually they'll all crash and we won't have to use them anymore.
  5. Well, I guess I'm getting married.

    LTTP but congrats, brother!
  6. To be fair, the Ospreys like to crash for no fucking reason. I hate getting on those damn things.
  7. Why's it so dead in here?

    Woops. I mean "advise" Africans.
  8. Why's it so dead in here?

    I actually hit my quota for Arabs. I'm currently learning French because I'm supposed to kill Africans next. J'étudie la français et joue Overwatch.
  9. Hello Everyone

    Hi mayhem!
  10. I feel really safe on the PCCB

    The PCCB is the only place I feel safe sharing my deepest, darkest secrets. Just as safe as a PM with Pretzel.
  11. Are you guys going to be playing Overwatch?

    The PCCB is full of manly men doing man shit.
  12. Are you guys going to be playing Overwatch?

    That board overwhelms me. This place though... this place is safe.
  13. If so, let's be friends on Battlenet I am DangerCakes#1863
  14. I need somebody to spit in my mouth

    What up, girl?