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In Topic: How do you cook rice?

Today, 12:16 PM

You call that a pot?

In Topic: Watch Little Girls Drop F-Bombs For Feminism (Maybe NSFW video)

Yesterday, 10:58 PM

It's a stupid video, but I really don't see how anyone could call this abuse. How is it abuse to ask, or even manipulate, a child to swear?

In Topic: #Gamergate yields its might, shows it is a collective of fine, upstanding ind...

Yesterday, 11:35 AM

Felicia Day says she's afraid of #gamergate; gets doxx'd.



In Topic: Your favorite or worst beer pong house rules you've ran into?

Yesterday, 06:44 AM

I like it when fingering/blowing is available to both genders.

In Topic: Pew Research: Gaming is 'less welcoming' to women

22 October 2014 - 01:15 PM

 run32.dll, on 22 October 2014 - 11:17 AM, said:

Considering how subjective deciding if a community is welcoming is, this doesn't tell us much.

When many of the respondents are the subject in question, it absolutely tells us something. If women say gaming is unwelcoming to women, how does that not tell us something?


However, If you click through to the full Pew Research most of it is concerned with online harassment. It shows that most people, regardless of gender, experience online harassment. It also shows that some kinds of harassment are experienced more by men than women and vice versa. I found it interesting that men are actually more likely to be physically threatened considering the coverage on women receiving death threats lately.

This is an old, tired rebuttal. Yes, people of all types experience harassment; that has never been disputed. It does not change the fact that certain people face harassment based on specific characteristics (like gender).


This survey also makes the "welcoming" response more confusing since only 16% reported their most recent harassment was from online gaming compared to 66% on social media and 22% on comment sections. If harassment is the main thing that makes a community unwelcoming then it would seem to me that social media is the least welcoming for everyone. Pew even reports that women are most likely to experience the most severe harassment on social media while men are more likely to be harassed while online gaming:

That doesn't make it confusing; if you considered a certain medium 'unwelcoming', would you continue to frequent it?