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In Topic: One of my hopes for Next Gen is for Microsoft and Sony to stop being complete...

31 March 2014 - 08:33 AM

MS stopped charging devs about a year ago on 360; do we even know what the current-gen policies are?

As far as charging for DLC that was free on PC, I took Valves finger-pointing for TF2 on 360 as a bit too self-serving (they are a competitor, after all). There were other titles that had free DLC released at the time, so I don't see MS to blame for everything. The work of getting around memory limitations, and the $ they would have to pay to patch were prob bigger considerations. Was CS:Go significantly gimped (outside of console limitations), or have free DLC forced paid?

Would not be surprised if MS has a big hand in this (admittedly hard to ignore that 3 of the 4 map packs for L4D 2 were paid DLC on 360 and free on PC, but then again, who really knows if it was dictated or not)

The console mfgs don't have to deal with all of the free user-generated content the infinitely more open PC has, so of course they're going to set standards and capitalize...Valve would too if they could.

As usual, speak with your wallet. I personally think things are getting better on the DLC front than they were a few years ago.

In Topic: big ass earthquake

29 March 2014 - 12:06 AM

My first earthquake! Was at Long Beach airport waiting to get on a flight to Boston, and the place was a shaking. Not as dramatic as I would have liked, honestly. I thought it was just a plane flying low.

In Topic: Farewell DayOnePatch

15 March 2014 - 04:26 PM

As a lurker/infrequent poster, I can say the last few weeks have been some of the more enjoyable, from a quality-of-thread perspective. Not only do we not see any of the trolling strong opinions that Lucian may occasionally bring, but it seemed to have spread to some of the other users that are known for similar antics...a wonderful thing!

I have no interest in seeing an active user go...just adhere to common sense rules, and everyone (well, most people) be happy.

In Topic: NPD results: February 2014

13 March 2014 - 06:25 PM

With day 1 digital even on the new consoles now, the relevance of the SW #'s has got to be nigh-useless info for anyone but b&m retailers. Has NPD announced any sort of partnerships to include more overall sales data anytime soon? Or would it be pointless to NPDs customers, since the consoles have 100% share of that part of the market?

I don't doubt Sony could take this gen, but it won't be remotely like the gap we saw last time around. I suppose we won'y know anything for another 12-18 months, anyway.

Also, StephenO1683 talks more (subtle) Xbone trash here than the pc defense force combined lately. Y u no like MS fella, last gen make ya angry? Holding a grudge is not a good character trait ya know

In Topic: Bioshock Infinite is [not] one ugly ass game

11 March 2014 - 08:34 PM

View PostWild, on 10 March 2014 - 01:45 PM, said:

Art direction no, but the animatronic Disney ride feel, yes, absolutely terrible.

Yep. Looked great, felt fake. I guess Irrational were going for that amusement park ride-type thing? Bio 1 and 2 didn't feel like that, which is a big reason why I hold them in a higher regard than this one...never even finished Infinite.