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  1. NBA Players Reject Latest Offer Today, seek to disband

    I think the chance of the season being lost has to be greater than 50% at this point.
  2. NBA Lockout over?

    They have whatever they agree on in the new CBA. I imagine the players will want a shorter deal.
  3. NBA Lockout over?

    That is the rational thing for the players to do. They ARE NOT going to get a better deal than this. It may not be the deal they want, but the rational thing to do is take the deal and try again in 8 years at the next CBA. They are not going to get back every dollar they are losing right now while not playing.
  4. ~ NBA Team Vote Off ~

    +Spurs -Lakers
  5. Infamous Festival of Blood - Who else got it today?

    I played the first 45 minutes of it this morning. I like the twist on the story and the one new power I have so far. And for those who care the trophies look like they won't be too much trouble.
  6. Disturbing lack of Pixeljunk Sidescroller reviews

    I have been waiting on it also. There has only been one pixel junk game I didn't enjoy so I have high hopes for this one.
  7. It's exhibition games. Not even up to the class of the NBA. Great for the fans who can go to those games but hardly a replacement.
  8. Has there ever been an NFL season with 3 winless teams?

    My Dolphins find a new way to embarrass themselves each week. But I still think they will ink out one win. Two 1-15 seasons in 5 years. Living the dream.
  9. Uncharted 3 gets a season pass

    If it's not single player DLC I am not interested.
  10. Uncharted 3 Launch Trailer

    Oh, hell yeah. Must finish Batman before the 1st.
  11. Favorite iOS games?

    Cut the Rope is by far my favorite mobile game. Plants vs Zombies would probably be my second. I got bored of Angry Birds and Doodle Jump quickly.
  12. Just got rid of most of my game collection.

    Count me as one of the people that don't sell their old games. I still have everything I ever purchased (with a few exceptions) since my Nintendo days. Hell, I even have some Atari 2600 stuff in a closet somewhere. In general I am not a collector or nostalgic for things but for some reason I can't part with my old dusty video game collection.
  13. inFamous 2 DLC for Pre-Order?

    I was on the PSN this morning and noticed that the vampire DLC is available for pre-order for inFamous 2. I am forced to ask 'Why would I pre-order DLC?' Anyone?
  14. NFL Trade Watch

    I am glad to see Palmer playing again. I always enjoyed watching him as a Bengal. I think the Raiders have made a serious upgrade on offense. If their D can keep up they will be dangerous this year.
  15. I also recommend GrantLand. It's a great sports website and they have some interesting reads on the NBA lockout if you are looking for something depressing to read.