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      I've decided to extend our charity campaign for The Life You Can Save organizations for the entirety of 2017 so feel free to contribute at any time!  Periodically through the year, I'll have game giveaways for those who have donated to the campaign as a "thank you" for supporting this worthy endeavor!
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      Summer is here and with video games news and releases at a stand still that can only mean one thing. Time to catch up on our backlog. We [email protected] us as we talk about what games we have sitting on our shelves waiting for us to finish. Throw in some Nintendo talk, sprinkle in some Warframe and what we have here is our latest episode! So [email protected],[email protected] Me for some topical grab bag!      


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  1. Someday I plan to paint mine, but I need a lot of practice with my 40k minis before I ever want to bother.
  2. From what I'm reading, this isn't like Scythe, this is the same world as Scythe due to the shared world created by the artist that both share. At least that's what is being implied over on Bell of Lost Souls.
  3. I can see myself definitely going next year. There seems to be enough stuff coming out early that I wish I was going. But then again most of my Tabletop play the past couple of months has been D&D and 40k and I know 40k isn't going to release anything new there.
  4. EA Switch Support as good as Dead.

    It was pretty obvious during the January unveiling when the only reason EA was on stage is because they were obligated due to the FIFA license to even put that on Switch. It's not like they wold make anything for it anyway as they are too much into making one game and putting it on as many as possible.
  5. Well I'd have to drive about 3 hours from Columbus and then 3 hours home and I don't know if I really want to bother.
  6. Nectromunda Underhive annouced

    Necromunda is a skirmish game so it doesn't have the higher barrier of entry as 40k or AoS, but even then, GW has done a good job of getting it to be easier to get into the hobby with the Start Collecting line where at least from 40k, you have enough to start an army with about 500 points for $85 MSRP (some stores sell them for under that though). After that you can scale it up gradually. Though most people only think of the price of what someone has put into an army after they get to 2000 points which is an investment, but even then it isn't something you are going to do a day. People probably spend more on board games they play a couple of times. Biggest thing is painting them though for a time investment, but I know I'm going to keep my Eldar force for years so I don't see them as a bad thing. Of course if it still is too much, look into a game like Malifaux which only takes about 8 models to get to the 50 soulstone limit.
  7. The International 2017 - August 2 - 12

    Watched as much as I could. I liked the finals despite it being a 3-0 Liquid win. It's not like each game was early stomps outside of game 1. I'd rather have games that have good turn arounds in the middle than flipping stomps just to get 5 games in.
  8. I thought about going for a day, but when I seen I was going to play $75 for one day, I decided to just go next year and save the money to use to buy 40k or Malifaux stuff.
  9. I might be wrong on the UE3 thing looking into it. I thought somewhere I read the Switch didn't support UE3 much at all, but there would be a prime example. Either way, here's another reason why A Hat in Time won't be on Switch:
  10. They only were going to make it for PC if not for the Humble partnership that has another party porting it to PS4 and XB1. Not only that, but the game uses Unreal Engine 3 that the Switch doesn't support. As a backer I've been waiting for this game for at least 4 years now. I've played bits during the Alpha and the Beta and enjoyed it, but have pretty much just been waiting for the full release.
  11. My Hero Academia is worth your time

    Been following the manga for probably about 2 years now shortly after it came out I think. It's a nice mixture of American Super Hero comics and Shounen.
  12. If a dick pic hasn't been requested, don't send one

    I want to share my Dick pic for all the world to see.
  13. I will say with 8th though, fuck trying to find Aspect Warriors as an Eldar player. Only place to really get them seems to be from GW's site at the moment.
  14. Games Workshop has been much easier to work with the retailers I know. GW today is not the GW from 5 years ago. 8th is great and looking forward to my escallation league in 2 weeks.
  15. The same holiday skins will come back from events. Though they should have never made these cosmetics tied to an event.