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  1. The Recent Pickup Thread

    Can confirm. Was surprised on how heavy it was when I got the box last night from my KS finally. Now just to get the standees I'm supposed to get. In other pick ups, I've got the new Civilization game, but haven't had time to sit down with it yet.
  2. You missed the train of streamers suffering through the game over the past coupleof months. I had the game from humble monthly and after seeing it, just pretty much noped out of ever playing.
  3. Extra Credits had a good thought on why they do that. They alluded that most people forget the bad games, but only remember the good ones that bear their name. Even if they play a bad one, they look for the next good GW title.
  4. Legend of the Five Rings and Netrunner are both pretty highly regarded LCGs. Though Magic you can enjoy pretty well as long as you avoid certain formats. Draft is probably the best way to enjoy the game without spending hundreds of dollars though you may do that if you go a lot of different nights. But a few packs a night of a playing isn't bad.
  5. I'd agree with this as I've made this argument recently. It's not that their game isn't good, it's just standards of what are good for an indie title have changed than what they were in the past. You need to stand out than be just another JRPG or Metroidvania. Especially when you think of some of the indies that released recently. There is just so much higher quality stuff, I can't be bothered with every 8-bit style game out there.
  6. Steamworld Dig 2 definitely didn't suffer from a discoverability problem for me on Steam. I seen it plenty of times. I just have so many other games to play and I hadn't even played the first yet that I ignored it. That's the same for a lot of titles that come across Steam for me. It's not that I don't see them, it's more that I don't have the desire to spend time or money on them.
  7. Needs more Aeldari. The fact that Astra Militarium is in there when they are nothing more than standard army men in the 40k setting disappoints me. But then again, I have been fighting a large number of Guard anymore.
  8. Destiny 2 has a 40% discount at GMG

    Battle.net has it for 35% too though obviously if you can get the GMG deal that's better.
  9. Jim Sterling on the Switch

    Oh Jim still gives Nintendo some shit in the current video, but he is at least calling things that he sees them doing good. Last year, the time the video you linked, Nintendo wasn't doing many things right. The Switch really has changed a lot of people's opinions, people that never bought the Wii U or even the Wii, back to a Nintendo platform and has really changed things for the better. They still have issues, one is distribution of Amiibos and classic units, but they are really on point with the Switch.
  10. Best Telltale games

    The Sam and Max games they made. Far more closer to adventure games than anything they've put out since Walking Dead.
  11. Exactly and it's also why I made the point earlier that if Valve was like every other company, they would start taking a bigger percentage of each sale due to their market domination which Walmart and Amazon do to suppliers to keep them able to have their prices and retain their margins. But everything we've heard is Valve doesn't do this. It's been the same 30% for as long as we can think were they could easily increase their cut to 35% or 40%. And I don't know of many companies that have market dominance that take the time to do something like Steam Dev Days for developers to attend for free that can give them a lot of good information and data to enhance their game and marketability of the game. Granted they've only done this twice, but even the past panels, they've put online for people to reference for free.
  12. Very much so. It's probably one of the big psychological factors that people play. They don't play because they are haven't fun, they play to unlock stuff. I've heard this quite often with CoD players. They play until there is no more unlocks or prestige to get and then quit. Personally I'd rather get everything unlocked right away and I play because I find it fun, not unlocking stuff.
  13. DOTA 2 7.07 Release - Dueling Fates (2 new Heroes)

    What I read about Turbo mode makes me interested. It will hopefully prevent the hour long matches which turn me off from wanting to sit down for a match.
  14. I think it's silly to think that Valve and Steam doesn't deserve the money they are making from developers. They are charging the same 30% per sale that every other platform that sells games out there is. What makes these other platforms that charge similar prices so much more deserving? Especially when you consider Valve doesn't take that 30% for sales of Steam Keys outside of Steam, but still allowing developers the benefit of Steamworks. I think some developers are confused that the 30% was like a marketing fee of something if they believe Valve now doesn't do enough to earn it. In a lot of companies that achieve the market dominance Valve is enjoying, that's usually the time they flex their muscle and dictate better deals for themselves such as lower prices for themselves because they can. Walmart is notorious for doing such a thing, but companies end up caving because they want the access to the market Walmart provides. And yet, we've never heard that happening with Valve. They still charge the same 30% they always have. In a lot of cases, they keep trying to give developers more tools and information through things like Steam Dev Days. It still comes back to, a lot of developers that probably aren't happy are developers that can no longer compete in the new Steam marketplace environment. What used to be success merely being on Steam now has to compete against games that have been able to get on Steam due to the new standards. People scream for curation, but Valve itself knows from it's data to not bother with it after their presentation last year where they admitted hits like Stardew Valley would have been turned down had they curated it and it was a monster hit on Steam. There's also the fact that the quality of indie game has increased a lot since Steam started. What used to be a basic 8-bit platformer being the level of indie currently has big competition against those indie games that are good enough to be AA titles due to the design and artwork put into them. The quality of indie has went up a lot since 10 years ago. That's good for consumers, but bad if you don't stand out compared to other titles. Again, I can't feel sorry for developers that think Steam owes it something special. From past experiences reading developers that usually have this criticism of Steam, it's usually because they put out some run of the mill game that they didn't advertise that ends up under performing.
  15. Probably more because of Tencent having that huge slice in PUBG competitor Fortnite.