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  1. Humble Bundle acquired by IGN

    This isn't IGN's first time doing a store. They've sold games in the past. I think it was Direct 2 Drive or something like that.
  2. The other thing I will say about Wyrd is I like their alternative boxes they do. This year for Gencon they did an alternative of the character Hamelin which is basically a controller of rats. They decided to make the nightmare box with his crew as cats with him being a crazy cat lady.
  3. @Slug Yeah that's Teddy. I seen they had him there as the family that owns the game store I go to took pics while they were there and the oldest son runs it in his crews. He has some fun attack names indicated on his card.
  4. First off you're probably curious what Malifaux is? Well it's a tabletop skirmish miniature game from Wyrd game which takes place in an alternative Earth where a rift to a place called Malifaux opened and became a source of magic and power during the late 1800s/early 1900s and uses themes like Victorian Horror, Steampunk, and Wild West. Malifaux is both the world on the other side of the rift along with the city built by the residents of earth. It's a game that instead of dice rolls that are so common in other wargames, it uses what's called a Fate deck, a 54 deck of cards that is based off a regular deck of playing cards where people can cheat fate to try and better their chances. This system is used for all of their games including the RPG Through the Breach and the new war game The Other Side. The forces that make up the game are seven different factions that are all fighting over the currency of Soul Stones for which magic is derived from. These factions are: The Guild. The law in Malifaux. They run the city and profit well over the control over soul stones. The Arcanists. Rogue mages that are essentially illegal users of arcane magic. Highly involved with the Miners & Steamworkers Union. The Resurrectionists. A faction made up of necromancers. The Neverborn. Malifaux's original residents made up of various monsterous creatures. The Outcasts. Everyone else in Malifaux mostly made up of various mercenaries. The Gremlins. They are another one of Malifaux's original residents, but they are basically a bunch of rednecks. The Ten Thunders. An asian themed faction that has infiltrated the other factions to exert their control. Has the most dual faction masters. Probably the best way to show how the game works, these videos do a decent run down how the game works. Really having started playing this about the same time as 8th edition 40k has started, I've found myself enjoying this game a lot more than 40k in a lot of ways. Part of it is the fact is model activates separately and alternates so there is hard choices of what ones to activate first before your opponent activates theirs next. The other is games are won on playing the strategies and schemes than tabeling your opponent. If you ever wanted to get into a miniature game, but didn't want to spend the amount of money to play something like 40k, I highly recommend this game.
  5. Thoughts on Bioshock?

    I've beat all of them at least twice. I enjoyed the second probably the most, the first after that, and Infinite the least.
  6. I'm really not wanting to play a 5 year old game on the Switch.
  7. Ducktales to return in 2017

    Yes. They even had that episode free on youtube.
  8. If you don't own any of these already, if you are interested in Overwatch, look into Paladins which is F2P. It's similar, but different in a lot of other ways. The main thing is the loadouts that change your abilities. Hi-Rez is also adding a lot of different stuff over the past year since going into Open Beta, and produce maps and Heroes/Champions far faster than Blizzard will. It also lacks the reliance on ultimates that Overwatch has.
  9. You only hurt yourself not going out and playing at a local store. Granted don't go to one known for competitive assholes, but at least find a local store that has some casual people you can just sit down and have fun with. Part of the fun of playing at tabletop is the socialization that you just can't get over and online connection. As for myself playing Magic, I don't, but it's not like I wouldn't mind playing some Draft. Just more of I don't have the time to do it as 3 days are locked to 40k, D&D, and Malifaux to where I don't have much time to get into it.
  10. I think it's hilarious D.Va gets missles shortly after Ruckus gets the things a few days earlier.
  11. Someday I plan to paint mine, but I need a lot of practice with my 40k minis before I ever want to bother.
  12. From what I'm reading, this isn't like Scythe, this is the same world as Scythe due to the shared world created by the artist that both share. At least that's what is being implied over on Bell of Lost Souls.
  13. I can see myself definitely going next year. There seems to be enough stuff coming out early that I wish I was going. But then again most of my Tabletop play the past couple of months has been D&D and 40k and I know 40k isn't going to release anything new there.
  14. EA Switch Support as good as Dead.

    It was pretty obvious during the January unveiling when the only reason EA was on stage is because they were obligated due to the FIFA license to even put that on Switch. It's not like they wold make anything for it anyway as they are too much into making one game and putting it on as many as possible.
  15. Well I'd have to drive about 3 hours from Columbus and then 3 hours home and I don't know if I really want to bother.