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  1. Education secretary Betty DeVos struggling on 60 Minutes

    Is it wrong that I saw that headline and instantly assumed this was an Onion article? Fuck it, the Onion can't make up shit like this.
  2. Tom Clancy's: The Division 2 announced

    Better Assassin's Creed 2 than Destiny 2.
  3. Does this represent the pee tape or the amount of brain bleach required to get the visuals of Trump's lower little finger out of our heads? I don't think they've manufactured that much bleach over the entire course of human history.
  4. The Twitter parody account is shutting down at the end of the year too which makes me think Kaz Hirai is some kind of comedic genius hiding in plain sight.
  5. Anyone think this incarnation of the XFL is going to be in business longer than the first one did? I bet on a lot of stupid things but I sure wouldn't bet on that happening if the rationale to revive the league is "stand for the anthem, motherfuckers" or "you'll get concussed and you'll like it because it's XTREME!".
  6. Most likely they'll move inventory from stores closing to ones remaining open since they're not going completely out of business. If they do give any discounts, like every other store closing, I'm sure they'll mark everything up 50% and then give 55% discounts on most merchandise.
  7. Anyone wanna talk Giant Bomb’s GOTY pods?

    I agree with you on all counts, though I'm not sure if it was all the personalities locked in a room or the lack of clarity about how some of the categories were defined that annoyed me more. Having everyone in a room for that many hours could easily be solved by having the separate offices have their own GOTY deliberations. Fewer people with fewer and better defined categories would go a long way (with the added benefit of having Jeff Bakalar on the Beastcast one).
  8. Anyone wanna talk Giant Bomb’s GOTY pods?

    That's exactly what I did but I made it through 3.5 days before I stopped. I listen religiously to every single Bombcast and Beastcast thanks to my daily commute, but 25 hours of GOTY podcasts is insane. It didn't help that I'm also torn on their praise of PUBG. I get that it's a popular game but personally I don't think it justified the giant erections they had for it.
  9. PSN SALE: HZD $20, Witcher 3 $20, Persona 5 $30

    Persona 5 for $30. Done. Thanks for the heads up! My wallet hates you.
  10. He's going to keep doing stupid shit and find someone to blame for anything that negatively affects him.
  11. Best Telltale games

    I'd add Until Dawn into that mix too. That game is AMAZING if you enjoy horror movies, particularly cheesy slasher flicks.
  12. Best Telltale games

    Walking Dead Season 1, Wolf Among Us, and Tales from the Borderlands are the must play ones, IMO.
  13. I can't wait for Re-Respawn Entertainment to release their groundbreaking new FPS in 2025 once EA dissolves this studio in 2023.
  14. Presumably FB has access to algorithms that can identify and human moderators who will review/block photos with nudity in them. Given that, what's the point of this? I read the Ars article and it's still completely unclear.