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  1. Anyone wanna talk Giant Bomb’s GOTY pods?

    I agree with you on all counts, though I'm not sure if it was all the personalities locked in a room or the lack of clarity about how some of the categories were defined that annoyed me more. Having everyone in a room for that many hours could easily be solved by having the separate offices have their own GOTY deliberations. Fewer people with fewer and better defined categories would go a long way (with the added benefit of having Jeff Bakalar on the Beastcast one).
  2. Anyone wanna talk Giant Bomb’s GOTY pods?

    That's exactly what I did but I made it through 3.5 days before I stopped. I listen religiously to every single Bombcast and Beastcast thanks to my daily commute, but 25 hours of GOTY podcasts is insane. It didn't help that I'm also torn on their praise of PUBG. I get that it's a popular game but personally I don't think it justified the giant erections they had for it.
  3. PSN SALE: HZD $20, Witcher 3 $20, Persona 5 $30

    Persona 5 for $30. Done. Thanks for the heads up! My wallet hates you.
  4. He's going to keep doing stupid shit and find someone to blame for anything that negatively affects him.
  5. Best Telltale games

    I'd add Until Dawn into that mix too. That game is AMAZING if you enjoy horror movies, particularly cheesy slasher flicks.
  6. Best Telltale games

    Walking Dead Season 1, Wolf Among Us, and Tales from the Borderlands are the must play ones, IMO.
  7. I can't wait for Re-Respawn Entertainment to release their groundbreaking new FPS in 2025 once EA dissolves this studio in 2023.
  8. Presumably FB has access to algorithms that can identify and human moderators who will review/block photos with nudity in them. Given that, what's the point of this? I read the Ars article and it's still completely unclear.
  9. Considering how well it played and how they totally nailed the TV style presentation more than a decade ago, I'll always wonder what an NFL2K game would be like today. I can't believe it's been 12 years since that exclusive license was granted.
  10. Translation: "We're saving money by not having to hire developers to update our game every year. Sports fans will happily pay a monthly fee for the privilege of playing our licensed games that will inevitably amount to more annually than a copy of the game costs currently. As an added benefit, we can charge additional fees for updated rosters including rookies at the start of every season, new stadiums/fields/courts, alternate uniforms, loot boxes for FUT/HUT and anything else we can possibly monetize. Our shareholders will be thrilled that we're now making $120 a year per copy of the game instead of $60." I always thought the reason everyone wanted less frequent sports game releases was to not pay full price for relatively minor improvements every year. EA wouldn't be moving to sports games as a service if they didn't have a plan to significantly increase their bottom line at the same time so I fully expect to see a whole new level of fuckery here.
  11. The Orville: Official trailer

    I've read this complaint a lot but I honestly don't see it here. Don't get me wrong, he's no Patrick Stewart but he hasn't been bad enough for me to notice that he's dragging down the show. He's delivering a solid performance on the Orville, IMO. That said, I'm liking the Orville more than Discovery so far (having seen only the two-part pilot of the latter so far). This is basically the continuation of the TNG-era Treks and it rides hard on 90's nostalgia which works for me.
  12. Please tell me this is a joke tweet and Trump didn't really say that. Please??! I expect nothing from this administration and they fucking deliver every time.
  13. You can thank the football game running late for that. People who DVRed the episode missed the last 10-15 minutes and probably won't bother to sign up for CBS All Access as a result. The incompetence and lack of planning at CBS is staggering. My opinions on the two episodes separately, since CBS felt it was appropriate to present them that way. I'm someone who doesn't give a crap about Roddenberry's legacy or 1966 aesthetics because a show in 2017 shouldn't look anything like one from 50 years ago. I just want good writing and acting and something that resembles Star Trek and isn't a giant action movie. The Vulcan Hello: Sonequa Martin-Green gave a great performance. Michelle Yeoh was solid. Lt. Sanu seemed like a decent character they can build around. The rest? Poorly paced tripe with some really cringey dialogue. The opening before the credits was arguably cheesier than anything in the Orville, with them walking in a Starfleet shield so the Shenzhou could find them. Every scene with the Klingons dragged terribly, with the Klingons speaking at a weirdly slow pace. And let's ignore the miracle healing med bay that can nearly instantly fix massive radiation damage with zero lingering effects. I get that this is a pilot and there's going to be a lot of exposition to set things up. That said, this is an absolute failure if the goal was to bring in new viewers between the poor pacing, delay due to football and the obvious cash grab ending on a cliffhanger. Battle at the Binary Stars: That was a MASSIVE improvement over the pilot. I didn't see them imprisoning Burnham and thought we'd somehow get a happy-ish ending wrapped up in a shiny bow where she somehow makes her way on to the Discovery as an advisor on Klingons or somesuch, which can still happen but not without a lot of potential conflict. Unlike the pilot, I largely didn't have any problems with the pacing of this episode or any plot points aside from the incredibly dumb Shenzhou boarding party of two whole officers on an enemy ship packed with a race of warriors. Why CBS didn't air the two parter to attract new viewers is still beyond me. The "this season on..." clip at the end tshowed there was still a lot of story to be told. Seeing the stories unfold in the second episode ending with Burnham sentenced and going straight into the season segment would have drawn me in way more than a cliffhanger on a very mediocre opener. I don't see this one lasting past a season regardless of how well the story plays out. It's almost like CBS wants this to fail as a result of their terrible decision making.