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  1. They are thinking of the children, as in "hey kids, buy a PS4 or PS4 Pro!".
  2. I didn't get dropped off in the Mako in ME anywhere near as often as I flew to different planets and systems in ME:A, but your point is taken. Playing through ME:A the first time, you have no idea how many of those fetch quests you had to do. If you didn't do them, would you be under-leveled and get annihilated in later fights because you didn't level up your characters or didn't have enough money to buy better gear? There was no way to know unless you did them and maxed out. I agree ME:A did have some good fetch quests but the vast majority of them were garbage, so much so they threw them into their own section in the codex. Drop the garbage ones with no storyline or consequences around them and I'd have been much happier. Maybe I'm not playing the same RPGs you are, but fetch quests never felt as boring to me as they did in ME:A and I say this as someone who got all but one achievement in the Xbox 360 version Skyrim and put several hundred hours into that game and never felt bored.
  3. There's a vocal contingent of people who think that longer automatically equals better--for example, all the people bitching about how short 20-30 hours to beat the original Mass Effect was. Take out all the pointless filler that doesn't actually add anything and ME:A is literally half as long. EA added all that filler to make their game longer in an attempt to say "Andromeda's got more than 100 hours of gameplay!" when a huge portion of that is fetch quests and other boring shit.
  4. IIRC, that skip button was added in the first patch--I probably wouldn't have finished the game without it. The fact that they could add the skip button only proves the animations were there to pad the game length and not (for example) to hide load times.
  5. It's like you read my mind. I started playing after the first patch and enjoyed the storyline and gameplay overall but the pacing was truly awful. I honestly think my opinion of the game would have gone up a full letter grade if the developers didn't load the game up with absolutely pointless fetch quests--you could probably complete 20% of them and still have a fully maxed out Ryder and squad if my game experience was any indication). IMO the writing wasn't great but it wasn't the dumpster fire some people made it out to be either.
  6. If this somehow comes to pass, there's gonna profanities coming out of DC that have never been uttered in the entire history of humankind.
  7. I came in expecting a picture of a smartphone set to its speakerphone setting or possibly using a BT headset. I'm not disappointed that this third party's result is even more complex than that.
  8. This seems to be the new Bioware way. This is EXACTLY how I felt about ME:A, a game I generally liked more than most (though admittedly I didn't start playing until the first patch came out). Cut out most of the insultingly repetitive fetch quests and my opinion of the game would have improved significantly.
  9. Or a medium rare steak.
  10. Over/under on his bringing up how he won the electoral vote to an audience that couldn't give two shits about that?
  11. On November 7, 2016 there was also no way the American electorate would vote in a racist, sexist egotistical moron like Donald Trump.
  12. For sure. I was proposing another scenario in which something could go horribly wrong. In my example, my laptop was in my backpack with nothing else flammable in it for less than an hour and it still managed to get hot enough to melt plastic. That same laptop thrown into a suitcase bundled up with clothes for an extended amount of time? I'm pretty sure that would have caught on fire.