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  1. In Fable 3, is "talking" with NPC's necessary?

    I think at a certain point in the game the interactions give considerably less points so you shouldnt have to do it for much longer.
  2. Ask a Catholic

    Thanks for clearing up my earlier question. That was the only reason I dint want to be Catholic.
  3. Ask a Catholic

    Do you think it's against the ten commandments to pray to mother Mary?
  4. I think hearing voices is schizophrenia and that's a major syndrome.
  5. Interested in Judaism

    Well my moms side of e family is Jewish but I prefer to think of my self as Christian
  6. The way I see it if an entire race goes through mass genocide they deserve some land their ancestors occupied a long time ago.
  7. Atheist or Theist?

    Ive been a theist my whole life
  8. Great Multiplayer games that faded way too quick

    Ruse. There are no more casual players for me to compete against.
  9. Home

    I haven't seen it, but it reminds me of the new zeitgeist movie moving forward.
  10. I usually only equip those in certain circumstances like I know the dragons use fire based moves so I put a couple of those on. As their really only helpful on hard fights anyway just think about what the enemy is logically using.
  11. I plan on applying to Annapolis, not in yet though [face_praying]
  12. What's the consensus on the PSP Go?

    I own a PSP Go and it serves me just fine for gaming. I didn't own a PSP before I got the Go so I figured I would just get that. I can understand the dislike towards it if you already had a PSP before the Go launched, but the hate towards it is a little exaggerated, it does what it says it would do. It's a digital only version of the PSP and it has a sleeker design, who gives a shit if it's battery life lasts 4 hours, I never have the urge to play portable games that long anyway. The 700 sales in the first week is ridiculous, though I find it hard to believe. If you think sales equals quality though you have a backwards perception of gaming. Edit: I actually just looked it up how much the Go sold the first week, it was released on a Sunday, and sold 28,000 the first day. Since Famitsus, tracking period ends on Sunday that was all that was recorded for the first week. The article is actually on IGN if you care to look it up.
  13. I don't understand the point in giving even more funding to NASA as we will only start getting that money back in the distant feature. If I'm wrong please tell me how NASA is benefitting our country right now.
  14. BC2:VN ~ Glitches Already?!

    Yeah the boat thing is on xbox as well. I actually think the boat is underground, not invisible. Really annoying when they steal your boat and then do the glitch with it