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  1. I wrote all that, and really all I needed to do was post this video to show how I feel about DC/WB right now...
  2. I think they intended to make the whole thing director driven, they just picked a shitty choice in director to lay the groundwork. Snyder has no storytelling vision, just flashes of cool images he tries to string together. He'd be a hell of a lot better suited to directing video games. The brilliant move by Marvel was that they hired TV directors who were used to being creative in storytelling while following styleguides. Marvel found the best of the bunch and gave them budgets they never had before. Those guys saw it as an opportunity to make something of themselves, not as their chance to reshape the characters into something new. It has had it's drawbacks. The first Iron Man *feels* like a TV show in it's pacing at times, and there are cuts that teleport people all over the place, which you can do on TV but feels weird in a movie. The cinematography has also been rather straightforward. It's less about art direction through the camera lens than it is dressing the set. TV shows can't often afford a week to set up a single shot when they have 22 shows to get through. That comes across in the earlier Marvel films. Because of their early approach, now Marvel is able to really open their look and feel. Guardians broke them out of their shell, and Doctor Strange pushed it much further. Because there is a baseline, now Marvel can experiment. DC thought, fuck it, we'll make a big splash with a fancy director and he'll be good enough to make a shared Universe. Thing is, Snyder doesn't understand the characters at all, so he broke their plan from the very beginning (some people may defend Man of Steel, but it's problems in regards to the larger universe vastly outweigh it's high points as an individual film). I think WB honestly did try to be director driven. They just had huge success with Nolan. Made a lot of sense and was a way to separate themselves in the market. They just fucked up the execution, and then halfway through tried start copying the other guy and instead and now the whole fucking thing needs thrown in trash. I've never really read Marvel comic books. Always Batman and JLA. I'll never watch the Justice League movie. That's how much BvS and Snyder have ruined DC for me. Affleck is the only reason I give a remote shit about the Batman solo movie. Wonder Woman? Love Gale, but the trailer didn't give me a lot of hope. They almost had me, but the snyder-slow-mo and that stupid ass theme song ruined it. The comic-con shot of them standing in that gray room looks stupid as hell. They look like a bunch of cosplayers that wandered into an empty convention hall. And the dialog was horrible. WB is fucked. They can't save this. So now I look to Ben and I say, "get the fuck out man!" He'll burn it down and we can move forward, maybe have good DC movies by 2020. Not like they have anything on the horizon I want to see. /sorry for rant, just needed to get that off my chest; apparently I'm still deeply pissed at what Snyder has done and how ignorant he remains on who these characters are. Reminds me of Shyamalan refusing to accept criticism and not grow as an artist.
  3. Word is that the WB forced him to dramatically shorten his production time and gave him like 6 weeks to edit the film. All while prep work for Batman and Justice League was going on. They know he is their only bright spot and they're abusing the hell out of him for it.
  4. I bet Ben Affleck is trying to get out fully. Ever since that "stares into space" interview with Cavill I feel like we've seen the writing on the wall. His career has returned to respectability and the last thing he wants is another superhero role that turns him back into a joke (even if we mostly all agree he is the best thing about Snyder's DC).
  5. Except that all Batman does with his time is set up those chessboards.Sure, he might take down the joker on a Friday night and throw a couple bums in the clink on Tuesday, but mostly he's just sitting around, thinking of how to fight everything.
  6. It's always Superman fans...
  7. Flying Circus was how they started. It makes sense they got funnier and more consistent as they got older.
  8. Y'all should probably just stay home and watch Open Range.
  9. Does anyone know why?
  10. Some of those critics seem a little...fanboyish? I loved the first one, but yea, agree that there is concern they go too big with it now. (We all remember the Matrix.)
  11. DC is in such a terrible place, when I saw the thread title I thought this was going to be a Ben Affleck editorial trying to assuage personal backlash about why he was hanging up the cowl.
  12. I think they have great concepts with average scripts. "I'll be back" is actually pretty shitty writing, just works because of the delivery. A lot of that film gets away with presence over dialog.