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  1. It's a shame the residents that leave near the proposed memorial are fighting so hard against it. It was an incredible design.
  2. I wonder if Dick Tracey holds up? Haven't seen it in forever.
  3. One extra trope-licious detail from tonight: the White Walker that turned the dragon wasn't the King, so we'll have an episode next season where he falls to Dany as her revenge for killing her dragon baby, leaving the main guy for Jon himself.
  4. Apparently her dragons can get North of the wall in a matter of hours. All she and Jon had to do was pack a picnic basket and make a date out of it. Fly up, take a look around, "Oh look, an evil army of walking dead! You were right!" Then they send Tyrion to King's Landing, get Jaime to agree to ride with his brother and Dany North, "oh look at that! Y'all were right! That's a walking white dude with a crown! I have to tell my siswife!" Or just during tonight's episode, all Jon had to say was, "hey Dany, that crowned fucker over there? Burn the shit out of him!" Thus is the challenge of dragons under human control. They completely bust open plotting.
  5. Oh Dany would never, ever, ever, fly north of the wall, they said! That would be silly they said! How are the Dragons supposed to just find an army in a snowstorm they said! I bring back my criticism from last week. Jon going North of the wall to get a single wight on foot was a ridiculous bit of plotting. Fly in with Dany's dragons, pluck one out of the sky, and fly back. But instead we get not one, but two more deus ex machina events. One with the dragons, and a bigger one with Benjen. All so that the White Walkers can get a dragon to bring down the wall and even the odds a bit. I mean, I love the show, and the dialog is stellar wrapped around this silly plotting, but it is silly plotting. At least we're finally getting Fire & Snow together. And next week looks fun.
  6. Star Trek Discovery Comic Con Trailer

    Yup. It's sad the best new Trek on TV looks to be Orville. Seth MacFarlane seems to get what the CBS execs don't.
  7. Hitman's Bodyguard No. 1 At the Box Office

    Huh, so that came out.
  8. Defenders (marked spoilers)

    Yup. Spectacle over storytelling.
  9. Defenders (marked spoilers)

    A heads up for those wondering, I didn't watch Iron Fist and I had no problem following anything. They kind of hammered over and over what parts of the plot mattered, probably assuming a good chunk of the audience was not up to speed. It certainly seemed to spoil more of IF S1 than any of the other shows.
  10. Defenders (marked spoilers)

    It's watchable. The scripts are chock full of cliche lines, Charlie Cox and Kristen Ritter are quality actors, but the directing really lets this series down. If I never see a camera spin around a character again it will be too soon. I also feel like it meandered in singular paces for far too long. One episode each would be fine, but dragging stuff out got tiring. There is only four real locations besides a few minor one offs in preexisting locations. I've seen it. I could take or leave more. I'll do the next seasons of JJ and DD but they're going to have to do something interesting to get me back for more than that.
  11. Theater chains hate it. Consumers think it's too expensive. And pirates love it. The model doesn't seem to have a way to work.
  12. Defenders (marked spoilers)

    I was thinking of starting it up over lunch and was hoping YOU were leaving impressions. Reviews make it sound like the best parts are Cox and Ritter, and the weak link is Jones. Also, it apparently starts slow. We'll see. I skipped Iron Fist completely and should have quit Cage when a certain character leaves the show halfway through. I am interested but not hyped.
  13. Alright guys, cut it out now. You're start to make hints outside the spoiler boxes. Just hold off until the episode airs. The discussion isn't going anywhere.
  14. 21 episodes into Star Trek: The Next Generation

    That actors history with Star Trek is weird.
  15. We all predicted Westworld in that show's discussion thread and the season was still awesome.