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  1. X-men Apocalypse Open Spoiler Thread

    Amusingly Box Office Mojo counts Deadpool as an X-Men movie, and it's number 1 by a $130 million margin. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/franchises/chart/?id=xmen.htm
  2. X-men Apocalypse Open Spoiler Thread

        The timeline switch really can't explain away the juxtaposition of this scene versus where we are now:      
  3. Hell on Wheels season 5

    On Netflix? Hell yea. Very entertaining show.
  4.   I guess I just don't agree. The best parts of all the previous games are between the shooting. UC4 was no different.
  5. Was VVitch good? *major spoilers*

        Huh, dont think I caught that, but it's been a few months.
  6.   We're the complete opposite. I like these games more when it is quiet exploration and would have loved the cooking sequence.
  7. X-men Apocalypse Open Spoiler Thread

    Yea, not a great movie. They barely used half of the mutants they showed, Psylocke was just kinda there, it rides on the character development established in First Class, and the fight choreography was pretty bland. I honestly don't mind Mystique as an X-man, but the film has a whole host of other problems that make it clear they should move away from Singer again.
  8. Was VVitch good? *major spoilers*

    The husband sold the silver cup without telling the wife, that was the problem. And the twins are dead, there is a quick shot of the Witch eating them.
  9. After my experience with the Division I plan to hold off on this and get an impression from the people that buy it.
  10. New Star Trek (series) Teaser Trailer

    Anthology, sure, but within each anthology it's going to be a single story over multiple episodes.
  11. New Star Trek (series) Teaser Trailer

      I think we've always known that will be the case. CBS is using this to force Star Trek fans into their streaming service, and serialized content keeps you watching week-to-week.
  12. I find it ironic how afraid people are of Tim Burton in this thread. We already got his Batman. He's not going to do another one.
  13. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End |OT| 2.7 Million Served!

      I think it was more about making it clear that there is no multiplayer, only a focus on the story of Drake. But, given the way the game ends there is a certain person I would love to continue the series with.
  14. New Star Trek (series) Teaser Trailer

      Agreed.   And it has ads? F that. I don't agree with paying for a service and getting commercials.