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  1. Damn. I had my appendix go sideways when I was 22. It was the worst feeling I've ever had. You feel like there is a ferret in your belly trying to escape.
  2. Doctor Strange Tomatometer Watch

      Doctor Strange's origin story is essentially Batman Begins on acid.
  3. http://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/books/steve-dillon-beloved-preacher-creator-comic-book-artist-dies-54-n671236
  4. Doctor Strange Tomatometer Watch

    Those are very solid reviews. Excited for this.
  5. Deadpool Director Tim Miller Leaves Deadpool 2

      Nah, I don't think that "Directors don't deserve the credit for when a film is successful but all of the blame for when it tanks." Thats a pretty huge leap based on one very specific example case. Credit where credit is due, and in this case I don't think Deadpool's directing is anything special. It's not bad, but I didn't find it overly elevating or interesting. In the past I've praised the writing, acting, and casting, but never once thought who its director was. I'm not saying he was bad or unimportant, just not a standout. In fact, I would bet that is why he wanted more "style" to the directing, so that he could leave a mark in the next film.   And Gunn isn't a good counter example since he wrote Guardians. If the Deadpool writers changed? Yea, I'd be concerned. Swapping out Miller? Meh.
  6. Deadpool Director Tim Miller Leaves Deadpool 2

      Really? Cause as much as I enjoy Deadpool, outside of the opening freeze frame shot there isn't a single moment when I feel the director did anything of unique value. It's a pretty straightforward film carried by it's script and its star(s). And I would argue its weakest points are things that would have been leaning heavily on him, like the second half of the last battle. This is Tim Miller's only feature film and it's not like I'll be following where he goes in his career from here unless he does something head turning with his next flick.   I don't know. Not only am I not worried, I bet the film turns out better for it.
  7.   I like the spirit of this post. "You're fucking me over, but go ahead because I want it."
  8.  at you guys. It's a teaser trailer for a game a year away. They did the exact same thing with GTA V. What did you really expect?   I think it looks awesome. The visuals are breathtaking, it seems to have a lot of variety, and there is an emphasis on a gang of some sort, presumably you're involved with. Everything I need to know from a trailer at the moment.
  9. New Google TV Service?

    I'll go where the content is, picking up and dropping services as I find them useful. I don't have a need for another $40 option, though.
  10. Logan: Official Trailer #1

    Pretty awesome week for trailers. This, RDR2, and Galaxy.
  11. Surprising, but I was already planning on seeing it, because why not?
  12. I smiled through that whole thing.
  13. Like Kung Fury? Meet Lazerpope (NSFW)

    There was this movie magazine in the early days of DVD called Total Movie and it came with a DVD full of short films. In one issue was an incredible little number called The Second Comeback. It was a little short film about Jesus returning to Earth and getting an agent to manage his PR. Included great jokes like the Cruciflex, a workout machine shaped like a cross, "abs like Jesus," etc.   Anyway, this reminded of that old short film.
  14. New Assassin's Creed trailer . . . .

    Yea, still not feeling it. Terrible song choice, and I know I'll be annoyed by the constant "watch him make this same action move in the past and the present" effects that will be present thanks to the arm-like animus.