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  1.   I would be nice if there was an option for turning it off.
  2. Blackhat Trailer - New Film From Michael Mann

    Just make the Mann appreciation thread already @Greatoneshere  
  3. BBC hires Matt LeBlanc for Top Gear

    If it works, it works. Good for him.
  4. Blackhat Trailer - New Film From Michael Mann

      I just watched Manunter again last night. Great damned film, and essentially the genesis of the 80s throwback cartoon style. The way so many shots have some sort of abstract color pattern is incredible:            
  5. Firewatch when it comes on sale. Otherwise looks like I'll get to save money this month.
  6.   I am glad it's a great show, I just don't care to relive the experience personally. I had more than enough fill the first go round.
  7.   I don't mean the basic structure. I mean the pieces and parts of the way the game was presented. The interface is sensory overload (which was helped when I turned off some of it), if your loot is full the item just sits there without any indicator about why you can't pick it up, sometimes chests can be open by multiple people sometimes it can't, DZ chests never seemed to respawn, AI that was around in the morning on Day 1 was absent that night and on Day 2, you have two separate levels (inside and outside the DZ) so it took a while to figure out why that is, why there are two types of currency, what you can and can't do in regards to moving around your loot between zones, you have all these lines running everywhere with a bunch of systems at play which are good but not explained up front, etc.   It's a symptom of the beta. The full game surely have a way to explain how the systems work, but while I played Borderlands that was a lot less complicated interface wise. The initial start f the beta was confusing. A lot of the conversation my friends and I were having was "oh, so I just figured out what this actually means" and stuff like that. And that PVP is neat but has nuance to it, and when you're in a room filled with a bunch of people just shooting everyone they see because they also don't fully understand the rogue system yet it's a weird, frustrating mess.   Like I said, it was confusing, but I came around to like it when I understood it.   Sorry for not having your insanely awesome Borderlands skills to prep me for it. (Kidding )
  8. Mad Max sucks and it's the only one I've played, so I blindly voted for Black Hole.
  9. Flash to Guest Star on Supergirl...

      I didn't realize that was either of them. Huh.
  10. Flash to Guest Star on Supergirl...

    I'm cool with this, but I don;t like the part of the article that talks about movies tying in as well. The show actors arent on the level of the movie stars. Most of them are good at the sort of TV camp chipperness, but Cavill and Affleck would make the others faults more exaggerated.   That said, this could be fun. The best part of Supergirl is Benoist and I think she and Grant will play well off of each other.
  11.   They make Vin Diesel a lot of money. Might as well ride the money train as many quarter-miles as he can.
  12.   I kinda hated it first. It's confusing, the RPG aspects took getting used to, and the Dark Zone is a mess until you have all the mechanics figured out.   By the end of the weekend though I was fully on board. It's got a chance to be great. Right now my only concern is the amount available content and that the character creator/customization is as improved in the full game as they make it sound.   I am on PS4, so I didn't have any of the cheating issues that PC players apparently ran into.
  13. PS+ games for Feb!

    I played the Helldivers tutorial and it has one really, tiny, small, insignificant little design decision that surprisingly was a gamebreaker for me (though I am sure I'll go back).  When you reload it chucks away all of your remaining bullets, meaning it uses clips versus total ammo. I didn't think something like that would bother me but for whatever reason I saw that and quit immediately after the tutorial ended.
  14.   Don't try and use facts or logic. Thieves don't care.   Really happy for him and the game's success. It's a masterpiece in the puzzle genre. Fantastic title. Whatever he makes next I'll buy day one, no questions asked.