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    Not familiar with the comics, but if it looks good Ill give it a shot.
  2. Your Best and Worst movies of 2017

    Guardians 2 was a fun watch, just not quite as good as the first. "Hot garbage" is a rather extreme level of criticism, and makes it hard to take someone seriously as a critic. It reeks of wanting attention for the critic rather than being a well thought and constructive review of a film.
  3. Your Best and Worst movies of 2017

    I was a lot more selective this year, but what I did watch I went into with an open mind and trying to judge it for what it is versus everything else. So, I'm going to title my list... Movies That Went For It, Failed for Most Viewers, but Had a Redeeming Quality I Appreciated Atomic Blonde This film oozes style. It's overly convoluted and some of the action is just a little too obviously choreographed, but it just looks amazing all the way through. Everyone is game for what the film is going for, and stars Charlize Theron and James McAvoy chew up the scenery. The soundtrack is amazing as well. King: Skull Island When a movie knows it cheeky schlock, but goes into it with a knowing wink it'll usually win me over, and Kong did that. The characters are all one dimensional, but they're cliche origins fit inside a movie that is paying homage to a classic while still cheeking forward. It's a big, dumb monster movies that knows enough about itself not to cross into being serious, which has been a problem for me with these kind of films lately. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Yea, I know, anachronisms, uneven pacing, perplexing story beats, and convenient plotting. You know what? Don't care. The "RUN!" scene alone was worth the price of admission, and there are some crazy weird sequences that remind me of Legend and other fantasy flicks I grew up on. The sort of films that trusted the audience to forgive its clumsiness for the sake of spectacle. Bushwick Similar to Arthur, I give this one some leeway because it's got a nostalgic edge to the films I grew up on. It almost feels like an homage to the Warriors and Escape from New York with it's low (extremely low) budget filmmaking. The script is pretty bad, the acting is WWE promo quality, and the gunplay is like watching an airsoft LARP, but the filmmakers are pretty creative with how they got it done. The first 30 minutes or so a great thrill ride with a locked in perspective on one character. It's like Dunkirk meets the Warriors made on a shoestring. It definitely will get disliked by most, but it has something going for it that made the watch (on streaming) not feel like a waste of time. Valerian Bad script, miscast actors, but the most vividly realized world of the year. Those visuals are fantastic, beginning to end, in a way only Luc Besson can achieve. There are some clever sequences, like the opening set to Bowie that shows mankind's meeting the galaxy, and I appreciate how game all the players were even through the clunky dialog. Baby Driver I wanted to love this more than I did, it wasn't compelling enough as an overall story, but the technical skill on display with the timing and the creativity of some of the car chases and action are qualities I found redeeming. Some sequences worked better than others though, and I think some of the song choices could have been changed, but you gotta appreciate what they tried to do. The Bad Batch I'm a sucker for post apocalypse stories, and I liked the way they subverted my expectations for the main character in the first ten minutes. It's a bit of a fever dream film, that meanders and has a desert drugs sequence right out of Natural Born Killers, but weird spectacle of it all pulled me all the way through to the end. I don't know if I could recommend it to many, but if you're into views of life without a rule of law it might be interesting for you to check out. You can do worse.
  4. I watched this the other night at home with surround sound headphones on and it gave me a migraine/made me nauseous. It's a little too enveloping to watch that way for me. Still an amazingly intense experience and marvel of film making though.
  5. The Top Ten Highest Grossing Domestic Films

    Yea, I mean I guess the question is just where do we cut the stat off. Is it films released in 2017, or box often gross made within the calendar year 2017?
  6. Animaniacs are Returning to TV

    Guess I wont be watching it then. Ah well.
  7. The Top Ten Highest Grossing Domestic Films

    Other sites are reporting the list correctly, by the way: https://www.the-numbers.com/market/2017/top-grossing-movies
  8. The Top Ten Highest Grossing Domestic Films

    If the list cuts off at 2017 calendar then Justice League shouldn't be on it. It was behind F8 of the Furious through December 31st. But yea, fucking crazy for Jumanji to out box office Justice League.
  9. The Top Ten Highest Grossing Domestic Films

    It wasn't always in the top ten, F8 was there before, and it's still a stunning failure to not be much higher on the list, especially above a film starring only one of the characters. Through the 31st it had $225,546,295, with Fate at $225,764,765. They have corrected it since with totals past the first of the year I guess.
  10. The Top Ten Highest Grossing Domestic Films

    Wait, when I read the yearly list Fate of the Furious above it and Justice League was #11... Edit: And now mojo has it up to number 9, so WB keeps upping the number. I guess its not out of theaters yet? At least that explains what happened.
  11. The Top Ten Highest Grossing Domestic Films

    You know Snyder really fucked up the franchise when a Wonder Woman solo film out performs a Justice League film starring her, Batman, Superman, and the Flash. It didn't even make the Top Ten of the year. That's a stunning failure.
  12. Moon Knight

    Sadly I would bet any new Marvel superhero shows going forward will be on Disney's own service, but yea, a Moon Knight TV show could be awesome.
  13. I've now seen it twice. Maintain my opinion. It's pretty good, not a classic, and it's completely understandable why people don't like it. Johnson's script is well thought out even if I don't agree with all of his choices. It's definitely another retread of the the same thematic elements, and some of the themes they reach for seriously don't work. For example, the "both sides are the same" attempt with Finn and the codebreaker; I'm all for social commentary in film (Mudbound is my personal best film I've seen this year) but an arms dealer selling arms to both sides isn't the grand statement about the rebellion that they wanted it to be. I also think claims that this is a thematic film about woman power falls pretty short, considering at the end the Rebellion ends up in the leadership of Poe, Luke has to save the day, and the main villains are essentially all men (shoots that theory in the foot). I don't think it's important either way, except to say one of the actually great things about the film is that it isn't trying to say something in regards to women, it just treats gender as completely unimportant at all. Strong characters are doing heroic things, full stop. This isn't feminism, it's indifference, and that's a good thing for feminism. And Finn being analogous to a black soldier is kind of insulting to the story of real Buffalo soldiers and where movements like Black Lives Matter are in our society, as apparently we have to reduce every black man on film down to some sort of representation racial injustice and strife instead of just being a great character in a story. One day we'll get to where that doesn't matter I suppose, and it'll be a sign of race not being important to the casting of roles like we all want, but we're obviously not there yet when we force these cultural identities onto them. There is definitely some stretching for unintended themes in the wake of this film, and argument can be made for whether the storyteller has to have intended for a theme to be present for it to actually be present, but you've really got to hit heavy over-analysis to get there. I'm not trying to shit on the film here, it's not Johnon's fault people are projecting their personal views on the movie, good or bad, but the "pro film" side of the discussion is coming off just as extreme and over-exaggerating as the haters, and it's rather remarkable to watch. I'm going to repeat my earlier advice in the thread and suggest everyone take a step back and try to re-frame their perspectives a bit. Many of you are drinking some serious kool-aid, whichever brand it is.
  14. Some of y'all are overly invested in this one, I think. You're rooting for the cinematic equivalent of the Patriots and acting like they're the underdog.
  15. Hey @skillzdadirecta Stop saying "without context" about my post. I put the context about Christmas right in the linked text. Come on, man. I expect it from Apoc, but you...