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  1. I hope it's just being action thriller for the trailer. I like my Holmes a little more cerebral.
  2. Ship design is pretty awesome. I like it.
  3. Brie Larson confirmed as Captain Marvel

    Well, that's exciting casting, even if my personal choice was Emily Blunt. Looking forward to seeing more from Brie Larson.
  4. Guy Ritchie's King Arthur Trailer...

      I have to disagree with you. This looks wonderfully surreal, with Guy Ritchie's trademark narrative style being applied to the way a legend's story is told. Something. It took me half the trailer to wrap my brain around it, but I see it's potential and think this could be an excellent movie. And the art direction is on point. Jude Law in that armor looks awesome, plus the giant bones and the tree nymphs. It hit all the right buttons.   And hey, at least if it fails it was trying to do something interesting, and I'll support that.
  5.   It's a weird overcorrection. Like "look we can be jokey too!" because criticism of BvS was focused around how dour everything was. But the thing is, DC movies can be serious without being depressing. I walked out of the Dark Knight pumped up, hopefully, but after watching a movie that is very oppressive in mood and soundtrack. They didn't need jokes, they needed to be true the characters.
  6. So...Flash as a desperate loner, Bruce as the jokester, Aquaman as a feral WWE wrestler, and a Cyborg that looks like he was built on a show called "Pimp My Graphics Card." Not to mention all the jokes are cliche. And something about the chemistry of all four of them standing in that concrete silo felt very small scale, like they were on "my first adventure."   I really, really, really wish they would have fired Snyder.
  7. Wonder Woman: official Comic-Con trailer

    Wish it had diverged a little more form Snyder's template. Too much slow mo and that theme is still really awful, but I'm looking forward to it.
  8. American Gods: first teaser trailer

    They announced Kristin Chenoweth as Easter as well. This show is going to take a lot of people by surprise. Really looking forward to it. Trailer looks great.
  9.   The counter to your argument is Bonfire of the Vanities.   But I am excited. Sicario is one of the best films I've seen in years, and I honestly can;t think of a director that can pick up the mantle for Blade Runner better than him. Blomkamp would be too schlocky. Rian Johnson too hand-waving. Abrams too punch-drunk. Nolan somehow too oppressive. Malick too loose.   Shane Currth might have also been a good choice, but I'll wait until Modern Ocean before I think about what his Blade Runner would be like.
  10. Why did he have to turn out to be such a piece of shit? The Cosby Show was a huge part of my childhood and now it will be erased from history.
  11.   Ah, you know what. That is what I am thinking of. Thanks!   And I should add, it wouldn't surprise me if that is what the Duffers were homaging, either.
  12. Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 trailer

    I just burned through the first season last week. It was an awesome ride. This looks to be just as good. I would totally chainsaw a keg with my chainsaw hand if I had one.
  13. Hey guys, help me out. Is there a movie where Tom Cruise freaks out and says "this is crazy, this is crazy, this is craaaazaay!"? I swear Stranger Things was making a reference to it but I can't place where it comes from.
  14. We've progressed a LOT as a species. This is the most peaceful time in human history, collectively speaking. The internet just gave a us a new tool that let's us talk to each other in broader numbers and we're still learning what that should look like. It gives the extreme parts a louder voice and safe echo chamber. That breeds pockets of stupid, and when you have stupid vs stupid, or a crowd of stupid vs an individual, things get messy.   As for twitter, it can be very useful if you do it right. I spend a lot of time direct tweeting people in my industry, building friendships and developing ideas. I can follow interesting people doing interesting things, and I've learned a lot. I've had some fun conversations and a few unpleasant ones.  It's social media, just like this website is. You get out of it what you put in it.   Saying twitter sucks is like spending all of your time here on the current events board. If you've never come over to entertainment you could get the wrong idea about this forum.
  15. They should get William Atherton as the bad guy for the sequel series.