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  1. https://twitter.com/GMA/status/886662985166471168/video/1 Oh Mark, you almost screwed it up!
  2. They actually added showings the day of at my local theater. Ended up swapping tickets to see the movie an hour earlier on Friday.
  3. I'm fatigued about fatigue, so here is some box office. The actuals for the weekend are 10 million higher than estimated: Domestic: $257,698,183 40.2% + Foreign: $382,823,108 59.8% = Worldwide: $640,521,291
  4. Is Riann Johnson directing the next one?
  5. How many times do we need the Fatigue conversation? It's going to happen, it just takes a new genre to rise in its place and the presumed challengers (dinosaurs and video games) aren't yet rising to the occasion. There was a time when Westerns could do no wrong, and gangster films were once all the rage. Then we had buddy cop/one man army films for a while. It's cyclical.
  6. I just found out that Friday is voiced by Kerry Condon, who was Octavia in HBO's Rome. Fun fact.
  7. Pretty sure it'll be Thor. Tony (and the other Avengers) will die getting the Gauntlet off of Thanos, and Thor will put on the gauntlet and do the snap which will have him disappear. Strange will show up to explain that he has moved to a place beyond time/space, and we'll probably get a new Thor movie in a few years where a woman shows up on Earth wielding Mjölnir and claiming to be the God of Thunder, but with weaker powers.
  8. And man, that finale is amazing. The way it perfectly mirrors the first episode is a mastercraft. Critics ca review however they want, but ut's a good example of where you have to read reviews to understand why they're negative. IW is an excellent time at the movies.
  9. It's pretty amazing the Marvel has pulled this off. A film of this stakes could never have been pulled off it it wasn't able to give the villain time to develop as a character because the heroes are all already well established. Reading the negative reviews on RT, it seems the detracting reviewers are angry that Marvel succeeded in their goal. "The insubstantiality of the film [is] due to...the dispersion of its drama throughout the many cinematic installations set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe" and "a dangerous movie for anyone who cares about the future of American cinema" are just meta commentary masquerading as a review. You get the feeling these critics would have ripped Empire Strikes Back as "mere set-up" for the next movie and missed the forest for the trees. I still think Dark Knight is the best comicbook movie of all time, but Infinity War is full on spectacle end to end and a marvel of film craft.
  10. I still want a live action TV show about a cantina in occupied Cloud City, run by an "I don't get involved" entrepreneur who has to balance dual pressure from the Empire and the Resistance, but this will do.
  11. I think Thor has become so overpowered at this point he has to die/disappear. It also opens them up to follow the lady Thor storyline. And I think Asgard is essentially gone. Everyone seems to have died when Thanos attacked their ship. Thor was all that was left (maybe Valkryie, where was she?). I think we're getting the last hurrah with the original Avengers, and they'll be dad or otherwise gone after next year. The snap lets them focus on those characters with less to juggle for IW2 or whatever they call it.
  12. Haven't read the thread yet, but want to get this thought down: The Avengers that remained are the ones we most expected them to kill off and the ones that faded away are the ones we expected to stay and become the new core team (no way they kill off Spidey, for example, while most of us were probably faked out by Stark). The film makes a big moral point about how the Avengers don't trade lives for lives. Strange makes it clear he won't save Stark (or the kid) as his loyalty is to the Time stone. He also sees 14 million possibilities and knows there is only one way forward. His apology to Stark isn't about giving up the stone for him. It's about dooming him to die. The next film is going to see the Avengers that remain trading their lives for the ones we lost. It's one last hurrah with the A-team and originals. Whatever the solution is, it's going to require their willing sacrifice. I think that's the only way they avoid the Dallas level letdown of a time reversal, nothing actually happened conclusion. That's my working theory anyway. Great movie. Awesome usage of Dinklage.
  13. Santa Clarita Diet trailer

    Finally got around to this and I'm about halfway through Season 2. It's hysterical. You can feel the Better Off Ted similarities in the humor, and it's got some rather witty exchanges. Probably the best written comedy show I've watched in a while. They also did a great job with the daughter/next door neighbor being in on what is happening. Olyphant is the real star though. The dude just knows how to deliver a great line.
  14. Just the normal one. I think it had more to do with the game having too much "RPG" in its design. I just wanted an action game driven by a story, so I played it like an action game. The menu with the runes and the multiple upgrades and all the different crafting currency you had to find glazed my eyes over. I think one of the only skills I stopped to by was the shield break because some enemies needed it, but otherwise you could Dark Souls roll your way through all the tougher fights. The rest of the moves all seemed there for variety. Fun game though.