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  1. I've heard this but I don't see it. I think the world of the witcher is still more technically impressive, even if square's art direction fights against the games engine. The LOD drop off is still quite aggressive and textures throughout the world range from great to awful. It looks good, but not mind blowing. That's my two cents.
  2. Whale on the hook, nice job AMD! 
  4. Why do old people send Christmas cards?

    How else can we slowly poison millennials without evidence of transmission?  
  5. Brazil, getting old and stealing to keep that youthful fire alight! The crash into middle age will be legendary! 
  6. Several factors might be contributing to console gamers getting into specs like PC gamers:   1.) rise of PC gaming has change the average user's sense of what is "important" regarding a game and hardware. Master race campaign, steam, etc. 2.) the power jump between 360/PS3 to Xbone/PS4 was not great enough to really distinguish a leap between generations, so fanboy warz focused on buzz words like 1080P and 60FPS when talking about XB1 vs PS4. 3.) western developers over took eastern developers and they are far more hungry for "the next big thing" then their eastern counter parts. 4.) the rise of the various pro gamer circuits has thrust the value of high frame rates into the gaming communities consciousness. 5.) the internet, the internet, that internet! 
  7. First real completed project

    Excellent work man, your character has character! 
  8. Such drama! Yes movies are certainly more cinematic then games, but that doesn't mean there are no cinematic games. Catchy, argumentative titles tend to undermined the rest of the writers efforts, which contained many valid points. The writer's argument merely made a point that has been made many times before, namely that film is better at classic story telling because of total control over the experience. Gaming however can indeed successfully borrow many elements from cinema, hence making said game more "cinematic". Naturally nothing will ever rival the master pieces of the FMV era, like Texas Ground Zero and Night Trap, but companies such as Naughty Dog will bravely battle on accepting their role as a "B tier" developer...     Edit: in before Markot, takes a steaming Markot on this Markot!  
  9. Hollande was quoted as saying, "I look forward to being freed up to spend more time with other people's wives and kids!"