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  1. How Many Souls and Souls-Like Games Do You Own...

    Yeah, definitely an indie affair, but the "pre-alpha demo" felt alright!
  2. Its like becoming rich and influential changes a person and their views on who's to blame for their life ills! Stupid dirty masses, getting in the way of progress!
  3. How Many Souls and Souls-Like Games Do You Own...

    All of them! I've also backed "Hellpoint" which looks promising. The demo is available on PC. https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/2787494/video-767715-h264_high.mp4
  4. Samsung Adds Freesync to 2018 TVs

    Even with Nvidia now backing big screen gaming, its unlikely that this solution will take off as any kind of influential portion of the market in the next 36 months. I think of it as more of a reaction to free-sync being offered in future TVs than a real plan to make BFGD's the vision of future PC gaming. Nvidia loves to tinker and they also love to match or exceed the competition whenever possible.
  5. Samsung Adds Freesync to 2018 TVs

    Or intel!
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/24/entertainment/morgan-freeman-accusations/index.html
  7. https://www.polygon.com/2018/5/24/17388826/dark-souls-remastered-pc-release-steam
  8. Samsung Adds Freesync to 2018 TVs

    Sorry, text tone issue, I actually accept exactly what you are saying as the reality of it! I love PC gaming on the big screen, but I'm clearly in a minority that doesn't and won't be influential in the free synce/G synce wars.
  9. Detroit: Become Human review thread

    Average to solid scores, with writing some can look past and other can not get around. Sounds like a QD game to me! Press X to...
  10. Samsung Adds Freesync to 2018 TVs

    Its true, PCTV types are few enough in numbers that we are not going to even be considered in the conversation.
  11. GPD Win & Win 2

    Man, I’m so sorry about the battery issue! I hope they get back to you soon with a resolution/RMA option. I have no ETA from DDKtech just yet. The general concerns seemed to be that those who were gogo backers will get theirs by the end of this s month and those of us ording after the fact will get one by the end of June. Hope that’s true!
  12. Playstation 4 PRO question

    In his heart he knew he needed it!
  13. State of Decay 2 | Impressions

    Apparently Multiplayer is where the game shines, which I hope is true, because it does not do so in single player.