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  1. Report: Two One New PS4 Models Will Be Revealed in September
  2. wtf is this shit karl

    Normally no, but I feel I'm in to far to turn back now. Got any spotted dick while you are at it? 
  3. wtf is this shit karl

    Salad cream. I made it to 40 years of age whilst blissfully not knowing these two simple words, neither particularly offensive, could be merged to create such a fucking horror! Now they will haunt me for the rest of my days. Thanks. 
  4. PlayStation Now Coming to PC

    Yeah, at first this sounds exciting, then you look at the per month cost and the fact that it's just a streaming client and you go, "huh, well I guess that's kinda interesting." But you know you aren't going to buy this service. This,to me, is more about Sony telling MS, "we can play on PC too!" Then it is a real product that will do good business on PC. 
  5. BBC Top 100 Films of the 21st Century

    Not bad! I mean, I didn't see Zoolander or Anchorman, but no list is perfect. 
  6. Nvidia level AMD chart!
  7. Bethesda isn't sure if they will Support NX

    All of this argument is moot because its extremely unlikely that whatever the NX is it will have the power to support easily developed ports from PC/X1/PS4. I doubt that Bethesda would be likely to develop any game for NX unless it was a monster success. Nintendo is now on a perpetual journey to capture a "different kind of family friendly experience". They would be much better served tapping into a rich culture of indies and finding a new stable of Miyamotos from around the world to make unique, platform specific games. Nintendo's future seems more portable than ever because its a nitch they dominate better than anyone else that exists in the console space. Bethesda is not their bedfellow, nor are they likely to be, this is just polite PR to leave the door open for the future. 
  8. DVD: "Help, my eyes only see what I KNOW IS TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!"  This guy, I love him! 
  9. Choose your faction

    BC by a mile, but Day One Patches happen... 
  10. For me it all breaks down like this:   1.) Good with hunting for food, not sport. I accept that for many, this is a life style thing they grew up with, I'm cool with that as well. 2.) "Sport" is often an excuse to hide emotional needs like being "not manly enough" and feeling the need to "measuring up" and other things best left to being a teenage and not a man. 3.) Guns are the superior killing tool, please use a gun and not a spear because while its possible it was all you had its more likely related to #2 on my list. 4.) General comment to men: You don't have to prove yourself. in fact, having to prove yourself is a mental game that shows you aren't quite there yet. get secure, it will remove your mental leash that jerks you forward half the time. 
  11. Alan Wake, for me, was so much better than QB. 
  12. Yikes, gonna need some patching for that performance! I would expect those frame rates to reflect 4K not 1440P. 
  13. I felt it was Remedy's worst game to date. Its consumable but also pretty forgettable.