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  1. d1p restroom

    How can I possibly be expected to use the toilet with that serpent like plant staring at me the whole time! 
  2. I'm sure they really appreciate your efforts!   
  3. Agreed! Its amazing what can be accomplished when one approaches a value proposition discussion without ulterior motives! 
  4. Kal, you are the Billy Zane to my Derek Zoolander! 
  5. Intel may blowth me mightly...
  6. I hope your system has a good, long life!
  7. unexpectedly arousing movie/show scenes

      edited to get the video embedding to work. something something former site owner -Jason
  8. Need a decent, not too expensive cooler

    Its pretty much the gold standard for tower coolers, it will get the job done just fine! 
  9. Seriously Folks WTF

    Yup, sadly this is a pretty good way to gauge "caring" levels regarding the game! 
  10. 1080s are up for sale

    Early benchmarks seem to indicate its close and I always overclock my cards (sorry Titan X receivers!) so I think I'll hit the mark. 1080 stock is hitting around 40 or so FPS in 4K, so its not unreasonable in my mind to think an OC'd 1080ti could hit the mark. 
  11. 1080s are up for sale

    I'm referring to the 1080ti, which may or may not drop this Christmas. The thinking was that we wouldn't see it this year due to the shortage of HBM2. The recent rumors suggest that the 1080ti might also using GDDR5X, opening the door to a launch of the GP102 with 8-12Gb of Ram this year. If that card is 20-30% fast than the 1080, which isn't a crazy hope, then we are looking at a 4K/60FPS card this year I would think. 
  12. Only if I've partied correctly.