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  1. Nope, they were just clunky and poor. Sorry, they were awful, just l as Jesus and Oprah foretold! 
  2. Please, his proper name is waggleton p tallylicker! Long may he reign! 
  3. How do I talk to my cat about online safety?

    Paws and think about safety first!   
  4. I know, and apparently I am in the minority for what its worth, but I have always hated many of the design decisions behind so many of PS1 biggest IPs. It wasn't until analog transformed 3D games and cameras where brought under a reasonable set of control schemes that I began to really enjoy 3D worlds.
  5. What are you guys playing this weekend?

    I'm playing my son's 4th Birthday extravaganza! 
  6. So I almost died this morning going to work.

     Well, she didn't really die...I think? It was just this really long thread in which Cavelier, uh, worked through some relationship issues and I think, a some deep personal issues as well.  Headed to a meeting, but I'm sure you can find the thread via search! Good luck, its a hell of a read! 
  7. River City : Tokyo Rumble

    No clue man, sorry! 
  8. River City : Tokyo Rumble

    Not gonna lie, i forgot about the game and had to go back to see the status! 
  9. So I almost died this morning going to work.

    Just Cavelier's girlfriend... 
  10. So I almost died this morning going to work.

    Contrary to your belief, I am glad you are OK Brazil!  #Livetotananotherday
  11. River City : Tokyo Rumble

    Not quite yet! Supposedly we will see it this Christmas!