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  1. DAYONE PATCH, AND IT'S STAFF, are not responsible for the Title or content of this thread! Kal is a PEACE loving man!
  2. Sooo, like twice?
  3. Yes, this is how I feel!
  4. http://kotaku.com/not-all-switch-games-will-support-tv-mode-1792783451 I know the console favoring side will not like this news, but it makes me happy to know the Switch's touch screen won't go to waste on the gaming side of things!
  5. Seems like something Intel would do!
  6. http://www.polygon.com/2017/2/27/14726344/what-the-game-industry-thinks-of-nintendo-switch Interesting article from Polygon. It covers mostly the views and opinions of developers and Former executives from the gaming industry.
  7. The Vita exists in a space between success and failure, life and death! you can not kill it, it will not die, and it will never rebound.
  8. You can count on us going inadvertently off topic, just maybe not about current events!
  9. Here is a link to a general knowledge site for the Switch: http://switchmanual.com/