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  1. My sweet spot is 6-7 hours, any less or more and I'm a mess. To be clear, that's more of a mess then I usually am!
  2. 100% agreed. And each state & the fed government should be doing their level best to create a basic safety net for the populous that addresses comprehensive medical health and education for all first. This would work to counteract the darker aspects of capitalism and allow our population the best shot at remaining competitive in the global markets. But instead, business has inserted itself very effectively between the politicians and their respective constituents and ensured that their time is spent selling us policy and law that work on their behalf. None of that is surprising at all either! What is, is that our electorate has become so pitifully ignorant about how our government and our economy works that they literally don't know who to trust and so vote for people who say things, "Just like us!". The perfect environment for a car salesman like Donnie!
  3. I'm sorry man, it was a good IP!
  4. Please, I prefer "jank"!
  5. I had already performed "surgery" on it, so I voided the warranty! honestly though, I'd like it if they installed higher quality internals because I love this controller so very much!
  6. This is indeed a real challenge and one that is increasingly a global "Race to the bottom" scenario. The reality of our country is that it has some very different economic needs depending on where you live. If you federalize these rules, you make the country as a whole less competitive globally, but if you leave it up to states then the depression areas just get more depressing. The dirty secret of America is, its never been fair and someone is always getting fucked. That's how it works.
  7. You boys just need to buy in the high end sector, that's where the "real" value can be found! https://wccftech.com/amd-rx-vega-64-owner-sells-card-1200-buys-nvidia-titan-xp-collectors-edition-1138/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  8. I think you guys are being too hard on him, he looks just like other famously super healthy and fit leaders around the world to me!
  9. I like the improvements, they were all needed! That said, I'm concerned about the contact points they are using. It a very expensive controller that is using the same contact points as its 60.00 brethren and I had the right shoulder button die on my Elite already (damn you Warframe power button!). I performed surgery on it and replaced the contact causing the problem, but it was no easy task!
  10. My fwb

    You know what, screw that! BE CONFIDENT! SEND HER A BILL FOR YOUR TIME & SERVICES!
  11. 100% in! MS's lack of a flagship RPG makes me sad, and filling that gap in the line up would go a long way to earning my wallet love!
  12. Yeah, See, I don't hate or even dislike steam. My complaints regarding it are, for the most part, minor. I think it speaks volumes about steam that the people most likely to complain about it are not its consumers, but its content creators. It mostly does what I need it to do and while its less flashy than other PC store fronts, I still think its better than the rest of them. I acknowledge that I'm not trying to make a living off of steam though and so I'm sure those folks have some strong points. In the end though, as a consumer, I don't want/need any more store fronts. If everyone is going to make a store front then I just want to manage my own EXEs like back in the day!
  13. My fwb

    His logic is flawless, I concede!
  14. FFS why are people this dumb?

    Genetic cleansing indeed!