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  1. If it works, I'll bite! Who am I kidding, I'll buy it either way... 
  2. Sounds like a tablet with a physical controller attachment, like this:       But with detachable physical controls. 
  3. So what do we have then?   Nvidia SoC? Seems to pricey for a Nintendo system. ARM/Cellphone processors? Maybe so?   OH Nintendo, just show us the damn system already!
  4. New Titan XP :)

    For fucking real! We need the next Fury to come along side or beat what Nv is offering at a couple of hundred less! The green machine is out of control. That BS about, "It started as a bet!" was like listening to the scene from Trading places:     I listened to that and thought, OK, OK, new bet. Try not to be slimy assholes that are completely disconnected from reality for 1 month! Dollar bet, a gentlemen's bet! 
  5. You are already a true hero just for taking the risk!
  6. Post your OLDEST game

    2 player invisible with ricochet! The stuff of Valhalla! 
  7. New Titan XP :)

    More like "Trump" edition. More marketing then value. Very Pricey. Really Great. The Best! 
  8. New Titan XP :)

    Exactly, factoring the new price point, this is not what I would call a "Titan Class" card. 
  9. Post your OLDEST game

    Pong! I played it when I was 4. Mind = blown! 
  10. New Titan XP :)

    I'm plenty excited to finally have single GPU 4K/60FPS performance but that price... to quote my wife:   "If my Husband thinks that its a bad deal then Nvidia really needs to rethink their business strategy!"   
  11. Shitty. I'm sorry to hear that Apoc. Please raise a glass in memory of your faithful companion for me sir! 
  12. Do you make good threads?

    Not really!  
  13. I've been to red lobster 15 times, and have been mongering my own fish since 2013. I have given up all hope of deboning my own fish. Any tips on flavoring this thing?