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  1. VR Impressions: Game #3 , "The Lab"

    But sports...ewwwwwwwww!!!!! Competition makes me cranky as Hell! 
  2. Dark Souls 3 (PC/PS4/X1) Discussion Thread

    Tonight I take down the dancer! The Old daemon and the pontiff where last night's conquest!
  3. VR Impressions: Game #3 , "The Lab"

    This explains why I have no knowledge of it. I really generally can't stand competitive MP or e-sports.
  4. Wheel of Time

    Robert Jordan, this brings me back to a younger Vic, a time of Enders Game and the tales of Alvin Maker!  
  5. Done! Sorry to hear your friend is hurting Blue, I hope she makes a great recovery! 
  6. How many squares can you count?

    Several in this thread already!
  7. Jesus Boyle, point of common gentlemen's gently Husbanding! Acrticle 4, subsection B:   When Propositioning a fellow gentlemen for XTAGing, always express interest as a couple of gentlemen, example:   Vic20 and I just wanted to know if you where up for some multi this weekend? You are? Great, great, Vic20's not awesome, but I'll carry him!"
  8. Both my man-womens hooking up without me?!
  9. I read this at first as "US spec ops eliminates 40 Islamic states with STDs" and thought, maybe?
  10. I'm 40 in Oct, so statistically I would be dead or near death with a mouth full of fucked up teeth.
  11. I fear Nvidia will not release a flag ship (ti/Titan) variant this year so AMD needs to step up and give me a SINGLE card solution that is 30% fast than a Titan X or 980ti across the board. IF not, I guess its Titan X's for another year.
  12. I was going to go with: HeyYouDVD's application was rejected yet again?!