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  1. I am intrigued by this premise and wish to see a Zoolander-esque movie based upon it! 
  2. Gameboy Revival, 2018! The second pillar returns! #Believe! 
  3.     @Lucian04
  5. Razors New PS4 Controllers

    That one that keeps the sticks just like stock PS4 looks ready cheap and kinda dumb. I expected more out of Razer's design team. The bottom one is pretty solid though.
  6. I assume this involves the realization that some kind of ear clip would be really prudent? 
  7. Agreed. If we are a society of laws then we should follow those laws. There are other, much more creative ways, to address the genetic mishap that is Donald Trump. 
  8. Microsoft Surface Studio

    MS is really learning to take advantage of coming from behind to fill voids left untouched by its competitors! the PCCB approves! 
  9. Working HARD

    Can we not rename Stickey's place o' stuff to Stickey notes?! The marketer in me feels this is the right move!