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      D1Pcast Episode D1Pcast Episode 28 - E3 2017 Rabbids Everywhere (Ft. SeVeN CDN and GuyWhoPostThings)   06/01/2017

      E3 2017 has come and gone and now we are left with this empty feeling as we know we have to wait another 365 days for the next one. We have @SeVeN CDN and @GuyWhoPostsThingsjoin @SFLUFAN and @Mr.Vic20 and I break down everything that was glorious (and not so glorious) at E3 2017. From EA's snoozefest to Microsoft's XOXO launch exclusivitiness to Devolver Digitals blood bath! So listen on in as we grade each conference and even have an extra special guest way in their thoughts on Ubisoft's conference in this months D1Pcast!      


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  1. I've been very curious about this title, but I was just not sure if it had enough meat to it. Multiplayer should be great! I'll just fetch my red ensign uniform!
  2. I honestly passed on it at first, but I'll be picking it up in late august and I'll be game to helm a chair with you!
  3. Cool stuff AMD, now pick up your pants, I can see your GPUs and its not pretty.
  4. Not everyone is destined to be a nonredeemable piece of shit, but this young man keeps rising to the challenge!
  5. Classy is as classy does. This putz has none. Not one bit. I'm not a fan of language like this, but he is human garbage.
  6. Talking shit about a genuine hero, truly the internet at peak internet.
  7. Phil Spencer fever dream?
  8. If you like VR experiences then you'll be happy to know that there are some truly good experiences out there! Google Earth VR is really special! I completed the Apollo 11 experience last night and while it certainly was not a graphic show piece it was still powerfully effecting to me. MY Oculus Rift is arriving on August 7th and that will complete the big three in VR.
  9. Agreed! I think we can see 4K optics by late 2018, but the hardware to drive that kind of experience will be face meltingly expensive for years to come! It will take 4-6 years to bring the cost down on a proper, light, comfortable, fully matured VR experience. I think of this generation of VR as the PS1 generation of "hey look, Polygons!". There is much work to still do and I really hope big companies keep at it, because the tech is legitimately a game changer, it just needs to be more accessible, offer more compelling gaming, and have less hurdles to its usage.
  10. I can't disagree with this at all! Software should move hardware, not the other way around. VR does not have its "it" game yet, despite the fact that I've read a dozen articles with titles like "XXX is VR killer app!". What I can say is that VR is, for me, the next step in gaming immersion, but its 5 years away from being what it needs to be, which is: 1.) Higher rez 2.) Wireless 3.) Cheaper (399.99 max) 4.) Integrated audio, blutooth, room scale, etc (each patform has a piece of this puzzle, but not all of it together) 5.) A real library of games I can say that I'm shocked no one has created a proper Strategy RPG as miniatures in VR look bloody amazing!
  11. VR is an odd beast. I have had some of the most emotional, compelling moments in recent gaming memory thanks to the medium itself, but at the same time I can readily acknowledge that 80% of the content available is nothing but gimmicks, parlor games, and crap. Again though, when it works, VR can be a powerfully effective experience!
  12. Can't decide who is worse, Captain 9/11 or Plantation Elf.
  13. I do like tower defense games and I this game still does nothing for me.