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  1. the demand is greater than the supply here and building more housing is actually making it worse. also, no developer is building affordable homes. they all want in on the premium prices. they have been building non-stop around me, around 300 units a month priced 700k-2m with 400-800/month HOA. they are selling out faster than they are building. these houses are being built without designated school zones, or fire departments. previously, it would take 15minutes to drive 5 miles down 520 during rush hour. that has increased to 45mins as they are adding in more residents but not expanding roads or adding alternative methods of transportation. Also a lack of expanding the electrical grid. the current system cant handle every home having an AC unit and are encouraging more people to go Solar to help with the burden. The Bay Area does have some working class that are just out priced. http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2017/08/30/homeless-san-jose-state-professor-struggles-living-out-of-her-car/ And people deciding to live in their cars over rent. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Mountain-Views-RV-Row-Stirs-Housing-Homeless-Debate-394365571.html California also seems to invite more homeless, or other states just ship them to california https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Nevada-Settles-Homeless-Dumping-Lawsuit-369736411.html People here like to pretend they care about the homeless but really, they just don't want to see them around. "helping" the homeless and relocating them is the same to some people.
  2. Most likely for smash brothers. Assuming they re-release the NGC controllers like they did with the WiiU, it is the more economical way to get 8 players on the Switch for smash.
  3. California wildfires

    There was a 40 acre fire about 5 miles away from my house yesterday. It's mostly contained now but a few neighborhoods had to evacuate. Luckily, no structures were burned down.
  4. So how about that tax plan, eh?

    Not to sound like a NIMBY but people keep thinking you can build more homes and nothing else. So we have zones that dont have school districts or fire departments now and residents are just figuring that out lol. And its not like there isnt any money to build these things. They just passed a 9billion budget to build stadiums for grade schools. We have homes that literally do not have access to any type of internet, other than mobile lol. I'm all for more housing development but do the prep work first (scale up schools, build more infrastructure)
  5. Plane on a conveyer belt

    Yes. The question is a bit silly because once the plane gets any lift, it is no longer touching the conveyor belt. So I guess the question is really, can a 747 get lift while stationary? Which the answer is yes. Fun fact, my dad put a 737 in a wind tunnel where the plane would fly but the wind was strong enough keep the plane in a "still" spot.
  6. I brought one large box (maybe a few months worth of cans/bottles from my household) and got around ~$3-10. When they were filling out the check in sheet, I saw some people generated $80-200 in recycling.
  7. So how about that tax plan, eh?

    So there is a Roth 401k and Roth IRA. There are different limits to each and an income limit to the Roth IRA. Also, Roth's don't have withdrawal requirements while Traditional 401ks do.
  8. Assuming you don't earn enough where saving more, and spending less in the span of two months won't generate $4k, join the gig economy in addition to your current job. Uber, Lyft, Wingz, Task Rabbit, Fiver, Instacart, or Door Dash around your work hours. Also in some areas, dumpster diving for bottles and cans. Apparently, recycling can generates around $400/week at 5cents per item according to my neighbor.
  9. So how about that tax plan, eh?

    To make up the difference, they want to front load our 401ks http://www.marketwatch.com/story/advocates-fear-trump-tax-plan-may-rothify-401k-plans-2017-09-28
  10. Since California has prop13, its possible that @dodger can inherit his dad's tax rate.
  11. At that time, they were worried about patent wars so they bought Motorola for leverage.
  12. My parents and sister are refugees. They pay a shit ton in taxes.
  13. Tell me more how the GOP is helping middle class Americans? http://time.com/money/4258451/retirement-savings-survey/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/edwardsiedle/2013/03/20/the-greatest-retirement-crisis-in-american-history/#73b8512e55b6 https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewbiggs/2017/01/18/are-half-of-americans-approaching-retirement-with-no-savings/#65e856d440e5