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  1. Since California has prop13, its possible that @dodger can inherit his dad's tax rate.
  2. At that time, they were worried about patent wars so they bought Motorola for leverage.
  3. My parents and sister are refugees. They pay a shit ton in taxes.
  4. Tell me more how the GOP is helping middle class Americans? http://time.com/money/4258451/retirement-savings-survey/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/edwardsiedle/2013/03/20/the-greatest-retirement-crisis-in-american-history/#73b8512e55b6 https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewbiggs/2017/01/18/are-half-of-americans-approaching-retirement-with-no-savings/#65e856d440e5
  5. 2017 Roth IRA Income Limits (for single filers) Phase-out starts at $118,000; ineligible at $133,000 Roth IRA Income Limits (for married filing jointly and qualifying widow(er) filers) Phase-out starts at $186,000; ineligible at $196,000
  6. You mean Roth 401k? I'm not eligible for a Roth IRA. Also, how many American's are actually contributing to their retirement funds? I thought most American's don't even have a retirement plan by the time they are eligible. Front loading is suppose to bandage corporate tax cuts? Aren't we also basically saying corporate tax cuts hurt more than it helps? Also, this doesn't really fix anything. It's just front loading payments that would've come later anyways. After the honeymoon, we'll be back to losing money.
  7. Death Note

    Spoilers because I don't really know how to explain it without. I don't really care that it wasn't faithful but overall, on top of the face pacing, it was really bad.
  8. Death Note

    The movie was terrible. It doesn't really follow the manga/anime at all. That's fine but Light made some really stupid decisions. It felt they tried to cram too much content into the movie. Even the camera pans of the cities were really fast.
  9. Like I said before, there isn't a ton of work to warrant a full time SEO manager. $12/hr with no benefits is pretty typical for entry level. You might just have to keep your current job while working this one too. At least for a few months to make sure everything works out.
  10. The unpaid training is weird, and the $10 probation salary is weird. $12/hr is about what I made when I started in Seattle. It is entry level, and it is a low skill set position. It sounds more like an internship that will convert to full time after 3 months.
  11. Donald Trump and the Alt-Left/Antifa

    What if its beyond the first move? When can violence be used? As we talked about this before, you seem violence isn't the answer even thought personally, I've had liquor thrown at my daughter. My house vandalized. Going to authority, told "my kind shouldn't live in this area." When is violence acceptable?
  12. Just FYI, SEO managers as a single functions typically don't exist. There just isn't a ton of work required to hire a single person to manage it in this day and age. This is also why I brought up Social, as the industry is favoring that sector. Or an SEO manager may also have to handle SEM, PPC, community relations, etc. Understand how Google bots work. They go your website, and scrape metadata + text off your website, and match those against search results. The more people that go from Google to your site, the higher up the ladder you'll appear in future results. Also learn what will dock points off your site. Having Google Analytics implemented helps. Also being on an SSL server helps. Having interstitial pages will knock away points. Load times will help as well. Or if that is too hard, you can brute force your way onto the #1 spot http://www.npr.org/2016/02/25/468149426/presidential-campaigns-harness-powers-of-search-engine-optimization
  13. Oh hey, it's my field, kinda. In short, SEO is driving traffic to your site naturally/organically. The objective is to get people to your site from search engines or social media without paying for it. Depending on the objective, there may be different levels of depth your interviewer is looking for. Are they just looking for just web traffic (Google -> NYtimes)? Or are they looking to make a sale? (Google -> FootLocker.com -> $$$). Your goal in SEO is to create content that is more desirable than the competition to reach these objective without having to pay for advertising. It's a digital equivalent to "word of mouth;" the mouth being other computers (not people). If you're looking to go into SEO, you need to understand how to measure SEO. How do you know if your count was driven by SEO, and not SEM (or other methods)? You'll need to understand how to track SEO, and potentially optimize your site based off the traffic. We can take a deep dive into web analytics, but they probably aren't looking for that.
  14. I don't get how Europe gets anything done with sub 60hr work weeks. That's unAmerican. France offices are also terrible to co work with. They clock out after 35hrs or something. London has to grab a pint at 4pm.