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  1. I tried to do the math since I take an Uber home some days from the train station. 30minute ride is $10 with me as the only passenger. Uber gets a cut. Driver pays for gas and car maintenance. How is that worth it?
  2. So, is Fire Emblem Warriors a good buy?

    I like it for what it is. The story is a bit corny. I played exclusively coop. I think it may be a little boring in SP. The game is a pretty challenging but you can just grind to level.
  3. i only got a difference of $50 more per biweekly check but since I can no longer deduct my commute, so its looking to be $300 more per year.
  4. Maybe if we move the US border just north of San Diego or capture Tijuana, we could prevent these tunnels that keep propping up.
  5. Netflix's wild ride

    I believe they also raised prices without losing too many subs, right? I also question Tesla for similar reasons. I would be mad for the opportunity cost but my other funds are doing nearly as well.
  6. Millennials in the Workforce

    I don't know how your guy's companies are, but most of the companies I worked for require impact when performance reviews are due. This would be the difference between getting fired to getting a promotion (with no positive impact being a ding against your rating). So it hits close to home a little when the video says "millennials feel they must make an impact at their job" when its something that I need to put in writing 4 times a year.
  7. Netflix's wild ride

    I keep questioning how Netflix can keep going up when they have pretty much have every user out there. That was when Netflix was $190. I'm still in that mindset and I have no idea how Netflix keeps going up.
  8. I really think the only fair reason is since companies have to adapt to economic pressures, such as labor laws, employees should have to as well. Companies aren't loyal to their employees; employees shouldnt have to feel loyal to their company. I do think its good for an individual to shop the market to determine their real value.
  9. I guess this is where the argument of no min-wage and free labor stems from. Do you prefer to work more hours for free? Or be job hunting?
  10. Declaration of New California!

    California could be split up someday but it really should just be NoCal and SoCal with the division being horizontal somewhere between Santa Cruz and Monterrey Bay, or right below Monterrey Bay. California is the 5th largest economy in the world.
  11. I think you guys mean muscle is more dense than fat. Because a pound of muscle = a pound of fat
  12. Best Buy has become a showroom. If you remember BestBuy back in the early 2000s compared to today, they have more open space now. More "demo stations" with a Google area, an Apple area, mobile kiosk area. Prior, BestBuy was predominately shelves with items on it.
  13. Right. Some people even just buy from Amazon then do free returns if they dont like the product. Just list the item as "defective" for full refund.