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    That might be the funniest thing I have ever seen on my computer screen.
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    Here is my swag from yesterday. Exploding Kittens is one of our favorite games so I had to get some Cat plushies. Codenames is a great party game so I wanted to try out the co-op version for just my wife and I. The Behemoth had japanese style coin op vending machines that gave random figurines. I was happy with the Orange Knight from Castle Crashers. Supergiant had these Transistor 8GB flash drives. The LoL stress figure was the only good thing from the free swag bags and a PAX exclusive emblem code that I've already given away. Here is my son getting stuff out of the Exploding Kittens "machine". If you look closely you can see Matthew "the Oatmeal" Inman looking on in the machine's reflection. @Boyle5150 this was the reason I was late to meet you. All in all, we had a great time yesterday. Too much to see in one day though so we will definitely plan on multiple days if we go again. @Nokt your tip for bringing a stool was a lifesaver!
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    https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/canada-demands-us-end-right-to-work-laws-as-part-of-nafta-talks/article36160015/?ref=http://www.theglobeandmail.com& Obviously no chance of happening, but funny to see Canada demanding that the US and Mexico enact better employment standards so that Canada doesn't suffer a disadvantage from not having as-cheap labour. American anti-union laws combined with workers' dependence on employer health insurance mean that American capital has a huge power over American labour, relative to the better balance in Canada. This gives the US an advantage as it can get people to work more for less.
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    One More DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    We need an updated CEB Investigates logo with a Doppler radar instead of an eagle.
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    No lol. Lunch is lunch and dinner is dinner. Im eating lunch today but it's labor day
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    Because some people see buying a game as an investment, " I paid X and I should get Z time out of it", even if that time isnt enjoyable. It helps justify the purchase , its also weird as shit to me. I dont buy books based on the page count or watch movies based on the run time.
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    Headed to Maryland for the day. "Crab cakes and football! That's what Maryland does!" - Wedding Crashers
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    Had a dream last night it released and was basically just an extended demo with like 15 dlc packs for sale to make it a full game
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    bruh... out of compulsion I bought the damn bundle... im regretting it now!
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    Played it and it was awesome. Lives up to the original but makes its own mark too. I'm so looking forward to episode 2!
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    There's no way Congress is going to act on this lol. Also, imagine what a miserable, vile person you have to be to oppose DACA.
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    If the GOP does anything here, it's so they can get the credit for it. Fuck all these pieces of shit.
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    I guess Trump had a lot of time for his mind to wander during the day of prayer since he obviously wasn't praying.
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    Crap Overdrive = Best Clan - Slug
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    it's interesting to me to see so many folks compare this show to Breaking Bad when, to me at least, it is FAR more similar to Fargo in it's tone and sensibility. Glad people are enjoying it.
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    To be fair, the second season wasn't NEARLY as bad as folks made it out to be and HBO admitted their mistake in forcing the writer to churn out the second season far faster than he should have considering he was writing all of the season himself. Shows like this can't be treated like regular TV shows and need to have the time to be crafted properly. HBO seems to have learned this lesson, giving the Westworld showrunners more time to properly craft their second season and allowing the GOT crew time to properly craft THEIR last season. I enjoy True Detective and am a big fan of Mahershala Ali. Looking forward to seeing what they do with this.
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    It was bad directing, acting, and especially writing. You are correct about Light. Light is a genius sociopath (in the anime) that is always ahead of the people trying to catch him. He thinks everything through. Light will act innocent while manipulating someone and then proceed to give an evil grin when he succeeds. This Light didn't do any of that. Every person is just a tool for him to build his perfect world. I would suggest just watching a couple episodes of the anime on Netflix to see what I'm talking about. The characters couldn't be more different and making Light anything other than a genius sociopath makes the movie lose the essence of the story. Ryuk was good because Dafoe.
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    My last posting about this but this writer pretty much sums up my feelings about the fight, especially after I rewatched it a couple of times this weekend. http://www.espn.com/boxing/story/_/id/20523028/why-praising-conor-mcgregor-losing-floyd-mayweather This point in particular is one that I made earlier. This part is also true
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    They're not, except for user count. Both SMTC and Crap Overdrive are all platforms, but it's up to the individual to choose which platform(s) they want to use it on. Can only have one selected at a time, per platform: My PSN account is set for SMTC, but my XBL and BNet accounts are set for CRAP (cause @mo1518 is correct, [CRAP] next to your name is vastly superior! ). edit: The only caveat is that you have to have at least 3 people set their clan on a given platform before the tag will show up in-game.
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    The Brio Superfund Site in Pearland/Friendswood was a lake for 6 days. Who knows what may have seeped out of the ground there Trump drove to one of the Pearland churches that's been a hub of aid distribution today. Kind of weird to see people in MAGA hats waving tiny American flags, blocking traffic through the middle of town, when you need to go make a Home Depot run to grab more utility knife blades because you and your crew have been cutting out chunks of Sheetrock from house after house after house all day and the blades are dull. I get why they "have" to, but it would honestly be nice for the POTUS to stay away until a few more weeks have passed. People are still in crisis mode trying to save their homes from the looming toxic mold problems. Today was hard. We cleared out the home of an elderly couple. The wife has some sort of cancer, stage four, not a very long way to go. And they will now be spending her final months basically getting their house ready for him to live alone. It's just heartbreaking. Overwhelming. A bunch of old old ladies from their church made lunch for us. We weren't really hungry, we had some sandwiches earlier, but we went anyway. It was obvious the sweet old church ladies have little to offer in way of manual labor (of which there is a seemingly unending need), so fixing some casseroles and desserts for the able bodied young people was their way to contribute. I was so full I had to sit down for 20 minutes before I started cutting more Sheetrock and insulation out. We have a long road ahead, I'm hoping people continue to be engaged and invested in restoring our city.
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    This is an overview shot of the "Destiny 2 Experience" at PAX. Not much but a little something for those who are interested. And here is a photo of my son with a cosplayer Warlock with a Ghallerhorn and Hawkmoon. He was given those "slick" sunglasses by a Bungie PR employee. He had a sweet DSLR camera and shot a photo of my son watching the big screen and capturing the reflection of the screen in the sunglasses. I got his e-mail and got the okay to request a copy of that photo next week. Megablox Cabal outside and a crashed Cabal ship
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    So... basically, Forza 4 is still the best Forza...
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    Once Mayweather really decided to fight and take him down in the last few rounds, I realized how planned the whole fight was. Especially when Mayweather was being interviewed at the end, saying he wanted to give his fans an exciting show, saying how him and his dad planned to wear out McGregor, etc.. Mayweather still moves amazing for his age and looked like he has a ton of stamina. At the end the fight, it just looked like a sparring workout for Mayweather. Looked like a super easy win to hit that magic 50 win-0 loss record.
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