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~Rate the Last Album You Listened to Thread~

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Speaking of Lantlôs, I know some of you might say WTF at that last song because originally they were a Black Metal band. They've certainly changed their sound over time. I went back to listen to Melting Sun because it never clicked with me one way or another. But I started enjoying it more. Like gives me strong Devin Townsend vibes if you're into that @Dodger



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New album dropped last Friday. They have dropped the black metal aspect of their music and gone full shoe gaze/ post rock. It real fucking good if you are into that style . Its gonna make my top 3 of the year no problem.


NOFX - White trash 2 Heebs and a Bean


Easy quick fun punk

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If you enjoy bands like Elder or Baroness this could be your jam.






Taiwanese black metal





Very hard Death



Super listenable 70 rock/funk/psych . 

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Lil Nas X - Montero 




Something that took a minute to happen - an empowered gay rapper with a surplus of songwriting talent, eye for amazing visuals that elevate gay and bi perspective beyond what generations of low budgets and gatekeeping could restrain, and a sharp sense of humor that's a healthy fuck you to heteronormative often white culture that's been laughing at negative LGBTQA stereotypes and contributing to them for lifetimes.


Saying that, you can still definitely sense potential for growth (what if Industry Baby and Dolla Sign Slime were blessed with a more sky's-the-limit, state of the art production?  What about more exploration of his serious side appearing in tracks like Sun Goes Down and One of Me?).


Nonetheless a game changing pop album that should contribute to inspiring good art for generations moving forward.  8/10  

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