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I had a brief encounter with Boseman at Cinemacon one year. He was supposed to walk in the side entrance to the colosseum at Caesar’s where the main events are held, but he wandered into the front. I was in the lobby And saw him, he was super confused.

I asked him if he needed help and directed him to where he needed to go. I threw out a “wakanda forever” and he politely returned it. This was the Cinemacon a couple months or so after BP opened. I’m sure he had already put up with a million people doing that but he still obliged. Seemed like a sweet man.


Oddly enough, we are playing Black Panther at the drive in tonight.

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Friend of mine did a short film YEARS ago that Chadwick Boseman starred in. They always stayed close because Boseman was gonna help get the short turned into a feature. I never met him but I've always heard good things.

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21 minutes ago, SimpleG said:

WTF I thought this was some jokey as troll post, but this cant be ..


Just got this WaPo alert and I was convinced it had to be some sort of error. Christ.

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3 minutes ago, EternallDarkness said:

damn that sucks. I didn't even know he sick :( 


Seems like he didn't want anyone to know. :/

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I just saw this posted elsewhere. 

He was in the middle of his own battle with cancer that whole time. It's overwhelming to even think about. 

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