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Hearthstone: The Thread 2.0 - Scholomance Academy Expansion Announced


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I gave up Hearthstone last year during the Hong Kong incident. And with gaffes like Warcraft 3 and Overwatch 2, I don’t have nearly as much faith in Blizzard as I used to.


These look like some majors changes. I’m glad to see they’re supporting the game more than ever.


I’ll stick with MtG Arena though.

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I've been playing a lot of Battlegrounds lately. For some reason I've been enjoying it much more than standard.


Their development plan for Hearthstone is really impressive, and I hope it all goes well. The really interesting thing to me is that they want to add another game mode "on the scale of battlegrounds" and that they want Hearthstone to become a home to multiple types of card games, and not be quite so focused on Standard.

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Lol called it. Those nerfs...aren’t that bad actually. Eye beam probably the biggest one. Gul’dan on 6 is still busted. I’m usually playing it after turn 5 anyway. Though I guess it still costs 1 more mana and prevents you from possibly playing as many discounted cards it draws. 

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I need to amend my previous post. Diamond 5 is dad legend. Diamond 10 is easy to get with star bonuses. 

DH is still prevalent but lots of counter to it now. I tried playing the Enrage Warrior deck but it is pretty skill intensive so I need more practice. Galakrond Rogue is still strong and I’ll probably do DH for the rest of the month to grind wins for golden hero. 

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Today's patch brings another round of nerfs.  And they've announced the newest expansion: Scholomance Academy.


The new card they've released (just log in to get 2 copies), Transfer Student, is ridiculous. 


Someone on Reddit compiled a list:


Horde: Deal 2 damage

Stranglethorn: Stealth and poisonous

Stormwind: Divine Shield

Pandaria: Give a friendly minion +1/+2

Naxxramas: Deathrattle: Add a random Deathrattle minion to your hand

GvG: Battlecry and Deathrattle: Add a Spare Part to your hand

Blackrock: At the end of your turn, reduce the Cost of a random card in your hand by (2)

Grand Tournament: Inspire: Draw a Card

LoE (Excavation): Battlecry: Add a random weapon to your hand

LoE (Museum): Battlecry: Discover a new Basic Hero Power

Old Gods: Battlecry: Spend all your mana, summon a minion of that cost

Karazhan: Add a Karazhan portal spell to your hand

Mean Streets: Battlecry: Give a random minion in your hand +2/+2

Un'Goro: Battlecry: Adapt.

Frozen Throne: Deathrattle: Add a random Death Knight card to your hand.

Kobolds: Battlecry: Recruit a minion that costs (2) or less.

Witchwood: Echo, Rush

Boomsday: Taunt. Battlecry: If you have 10 mana crystals gain +5/+5.

Rastakhan: Rush, Overkill: draw a card.

Rise of Shadows : Battlecry: Add a Lackey to your hand.

Uldum (Feet): Reborn

Uldum (Windmill): Battlecry: Add an random Uldum plague spell to your hand.

Dragons: Battlecry: Discover a dragon.

Outland: Dormant for 2 turns, then deal 3 damage to two random enemy minions


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 I got to Legend today with Highlander Hunter first time since Knights of the Frozen Throne. I can get to Diamond 5 quite easily each month and usually meme from there based on my daily quests. I was at D5 2 stars yesterday and decided to see how far I could go with it. 


I never lost a game...


So now I get to enjoy the legend ladder for 2 whole days!

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1 hour ago, osxmatt said:

I'm not sure if anyone is still playing, but I hopped back in a few months ago. I'm really liking the recent patch changes and set rotations.


Also, I have a 1500 XP play a friend quest if anyone is up for it.


Sure, add me: Dblchocochip#1157

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