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Forspoken (PS5/PC) - Information Thread, update: PC demo now live on Steam/EGS/Microsoft Store, "Official Launch Trailer"

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12 minutes ago, Brian said:

Forspoken PC system requirements have been revealed, so here are both the minimum, recommended, and ultra settings. 

Minimum settings


OS: Windows 10 64-bit (After November 2019 Update) or Windows 11 64-bit

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (3.7GHz or better) / Intel Core i7-3770 (3.7GHz or better)

Video Card: AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT 8GB / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB VRAM

Memory: 16GB

Display resolution: 720p 30fps

HDD/SSD space: HDD 150GB or more


Recommended settings


OS: Windows 10 64-bit (After November 2019 Update) or Windows 11 64-bit

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (3.7 GHz or better)/ Intel® Core™ i7-8700K (3.7GHz or better)

Video Card: AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT 12GB / NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8 GB VRAM

Memory: 24GB

Display Resolution: 1440p 30fps

HDD/SSD space: SSD 150GB or more

Ultra settings 


OS: Windows 10 64-bit (After November 2019 Update) or Windows 11 64-bit

CPU: AMD Ryzen™5 5800X (3.8 GHz or better) Intel Core™ i7-12700

Video Card: AMD Radeon™ RX 6800 XT 16GB / NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 4080 16 GB VRAM

Memory: 32GB

Display Resolution: 2160p 60fps

HDD/SSD: NVMe SSD 150GB or more


Im sure this will run fine on consoles :p

Oh, I guess the min/recommended I saw the other day weren’t official and just guesses :dumpster_fire:

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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Forspoken (24 January 2023) - Information Thread, update: PC system requirements released, PS5 demo updated
20 minutes ago, AbsolutSurgen said:

Does it have DLSS?


FSR2 only, it’s AMD sponsored :nervous:


Also explains why the ultra recommendation is a 4080 or a AMD card 50% slower  


I expect this to run bad on everything

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32 minutes ago, stepee said:


FSR2 only, it’s AMD sponsored :nervous:


Also explains why the ultra recommendation is a 4080 or a AMD card 50% slower  


I expect this to run bad on everything


That's some BS.  This is definitely a game I'd want to see the whole host of upscallers available for, XeSS included, in case one handles the particle mess in this game better.  And FFXV was one of the first games to have DLSS to begin with!

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7 minutes ago, crispy4000 said:


That's some BS.  This is definitely a game I'd want to see the whole host of upscallers available for, XeSS included, in case one handles the particle mess in this game better.  And FFXV was one of the first games to have DLSS to begin with!


DLSS would most certainly handle the particles better..but I think that’s kind of why it’s not present here :P


It’s unfortunate but it’s how it is right now where if something is nvidia sponsored it can still launch FSR2, but if its AMD sponsored you get no dlss. It’s way worse to me than when people complain that nvidia sponsored games add features that AMD cards can’t use because AMD sponsored doesn’t add anything it just takes away features to make their cards seem more comparable. 


Idk what the actual contracts or whatever are and maybe they vary but I believe it can come after some amount of time via a patch, but can never launch with it. Idk if that applies to dlss3 either, or if they will be more strict with being able to add that on later.

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Because I was curious, here's all the FSR2 games lacking DLSS at the moment, according to PC gaming wiki. 

I'm not counting FSR1, because it's simpler to implement, and those devs may have stopped there anyways.



- Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

- The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation

- Cepheus Protocol

- Dolmen

- The DioField Chronicle

- Evil Reap

- Genshin Impact

- Grounded

- Highline Volleyball VR

- Hoiwa HUB

- Kingshunt

- orbit.industries

- Rescue Party: Live!

- The Riftbreaker

- Saints Row

- Scorn

- Swordsman Remake

- The Eternal Cylinder

- The Callisto Protocol

- Thymesia

- Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

- Vail VR

- Will To Live Online


It's both better and worse than I thought.  There's a few too many, but many of them aren't pushing hardware so much, besides Callisto, Scorn and Saints Row.


EDIT: Upcoming games.



- Abyss World: Apocalypse

- As The Light Goes Out

- Battle Teams 2

- Dead Island 2

- Delysium

- Forspoken

- Grapple Hoops

- The Invincible

- Lies of P

- Like a Dragon: Ishin!

- Miasma Chronicles

- No One Survived

- The Outlast Trials

- Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

- Strayed Lights

- Stuntfest World Tour

- Unknown 9: Awakening


- Warstride Challenges

- Wayfinder

- Wu Wei Zheng Tu


Jedi Survivor is on this list. :/


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2 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Calisto Protocol was AMD FSR pimping game too and it ran like shyte so @stepee has got the right idea here.


Game could have ran like butter for 4000 series users :(


I also thought fsr2 was pretty poor in CP, I didn’t like it and just turned the res to 1800p instead and used taa upscaling from there.


Looking at that list it’s a shame about Jedi, Dead Island 2, and Lies of P. I’m most concerned about Dead Island 2 out of those though, that seems like it probably is something that would love some dlss3.


Man why do they gotta give the amd mark of poor performance on Jedi :(

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FarCry6 was also FSR only.

FSR2 seems mostly fine visually if left in “quality” mode IMO, but, the performance boost you get with DLSS is greater than FSR’s boost iirc. I’ve also noticed, as @stepeementioned, that current AMD-sponsored games tend to run worse overall than NVDA-sponsored or no-sponsor games.

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9 hours ago, best3444 said:

I just scheduled to leave at lunch on launch day to play a bit earlier.


I can't wait to be immensely disappointed!



You're going ahead with this on day one? I'm surprised to be honest. I'm definitely gonna get it, but not day one. Still working on God of War and then gonna finish Elden Ring and tackle the Horizon games after that. That should take me till Summer :p

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1 minute ago, skillzdadirecta said:

You're going ahead with this on day one? I'm surprised to be honest. I'm definitely gonna get it, but not day one. Still working on God of War and then gonna finish Elden Ring and tackle the Horizon games after that. That should take me till Summer :p


Is there a review embargo?

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Game Information

Game Title: Forspoken



  • PC (Jan 24, 2023)
  • PlayStation 5 (Jan 24, 2023)

Developer: Luminous Productions

Publisher: Square Enix


Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 69 average - 29% recommended


Critic Reviews

Gaming Nexus - 9.5 / 10

Forspoken is absolutely fantastic. With all the spells you can unlock, the gear you can upgrade, the fights, the bosses, and a storyline that rivals the best video game stories, this isn't a return to form for SquareEnix, it's a testament that they still got it, and will have it for a very, very long time.

GamingTrend - 90 / 100

Forspoken is an incredible title. Although the story suffers from being a bit too generic, the gameplay is inventive, magical, and an absolute blast. This is a game I'll come back to again and again just to move around and exist in the fascinating fantasy world. Forspoken is an exciting leap forward for action games, and I can't get enough of it.

NoobFeed - 90 / 100

Forspoken stands on its own as an impressive game and delivers on what it promises, and you will be satisfied if you're into its premise for story or gameplay. It stands on its own as an impressive game, promising enough to join Square Enix's other flagship series in the future. It's just at the threshold of a breakthrough. Despite its narrative being slow and building slowly when everything fits into place and its expansive landscape, the game ultimately engages players to explore every inch of its universe.

Atomix - Spanish - 85 / 100

Forspoken manages to stand out for its fantastic combat system and spectacular exploration in its open world. However, it clearly could have been better in other areas.

CGMagazine - 8.5 / 10

Forspoken feels like a breath of fresh air for open-world adventures with its stylish engine, but is held back by pacing and other foibles.

DASHGAMER.com - 8 / 10

Simply dazzling, Forspoken is highly recommended for any gamer looking to leap bounds through a fantasy world that searches for solace while at suffocating through the throttle of its own malevolent demiurge.

Easy Allies - 8 / 10

Forspoken emerges as a solid new RPG, and though it has its fair share of issues, its world draws you in with intriguing combat and spellbinding abilities.

Everyeye.it - Italian - 8 / 10

There was a moment when we really feared for the success of Fospoken, which due to a not exactly crystalline communication from the publisher often ended up making us feel conflicting feelings.

Gamepur - 8 / 10

There is no denying that Forspoken is a fun game that you can get lost in for hours. The mix between Frey’s ill-formed speech and the medieval-style dialect of the Athians is amusing, while the emotions displayed keep the story grounded. The tale of Forspoken may feel generic at the start, but it quickly sets itself apart from old-school fairy tales and blossoms into an enjoyable story with a lovable main character.

Hobby Consolas - Spanish - 80 / 100

Forspoken it's not the next gen game that we're waiting for, but it's not as bad as some found in the demo. It has its share of elements to improve, starting with the script, but it makes combat and traverse very fresh and enjoyable, in a world full of things to do, that invites to keep playing even after watching the ending credits.

PSX Brasil - Portuguese - 80 / 100

Forspoken is a unique game, with a very distinct gameplay, setting and story that compose a very fun and interesting experience. It suffers with its short duration, problemactic camera, lack of variety in side missions and it needs a few adjustments to its gameplay, but its one of the most beautiful games on the PS5 so far and a title that deserves everyone's attention.

PlayStation LifeStyle - 8 / 10

Forspoken represented a huge risk taken by newcomer Luminous Productions. While the story may feel a bit contrived at times, the Flow method of traversal and combat more than makes up for it. Frey may annoy some people as the protagonist, but stringing together a chain of magical commands within just a few seconds while deftly avoiding incoming fireballs is rewarding, and ultimately, I came away from Forspoken having enjoyed my time helping the people of Athia.

RPG Fan - 80%

The delightful tools you have at your disposal to explore this dazzling world make every moment spent in Athia worth it.

Saudi Gamer - Arabic - 8 / 10

A flawed journey that starts out slow but progressively gets better culminating in a touching and exciting conclusion.

Spaziogames - Italian - 8 / 10

Despite feeling like an open world from a previous era because of its structure, Forspoken it's pretty enjoyable thanks to its combat and exploration systems, that make it feel unique and spectacular.

TechRaptor - 8 / 10

Forspoken offers an engaging story and fluid traversal mechanics that make the act of exploring the world and upgrading Frey's magical abilities an absolute delight.

We Got This Covered - 4 / 5

Want to explore a beautiful and desolate fantasy world without being stomped into the ground by every enemy you meet? The power fantasy of 'Forspoken' might just be the game for you.

Gamersky - Chinese - 7.9 / 10

As a new title from Luminous Productions six years after FFXV, Forspoken continues to show the shortcomings of its open-world design. The abundance of magical combat and the still-excellent story make up for most of these shortcomings. However, the hopes for a fantastic magical world cannot be fulfilled.

Digital Chumps - 7.5 / 10

Forspoken, much like its main character, looks for a time and a place to belong. Besieged by a series of delays, the game wishes to sweep players away with its vast world and spectacular combat but, much like its open world, may become directionless as players seek purpose.

Game Informer - 7.5 / 10

Forspoken's story and combat fail to reach the heights of its movement and exploration, but thankfully those two latter elements make up most of the experience.

God is a Geek - 7.5 / 10

There's something here to get stuck into for fans of open world adventures, and Forspoken isn't without its charms, but like Frey herself, it's often its own worst enemy.

IGN Italy - Italian - 7.5 / 10

Forspoken is neither black nor white, it's a mottled gray of spectacular combat and magical parkour to be experienced within a dated open world.

Press Start - 7.5 / 10

Forspoken offers a unique and thrilling experience with its impressive combat and smooth traversal mechanics. The story and open world may fall victim to the pitfalls of its genre and the largely formulaic side quest design only shines occasionally, but it's an overall satisfying and well-crafted action RPG with fast-paced and energetic gameplay.

Prima Games - 7.5 / 10

The best way to describe Forspoken is like good RPG junk food. You know there are better options out there, but you’re going to finish the whole bag and think about it later.

Tom's Hardware Italia - Italian - 7.5 / 10

Square Enix and Luminous Production's attempt to create a new IP by combining various unusual elements and different cultural approaches is certainly appreciable, but there are several slightings that make Forspoken only half a successful title.

INVEN - Korean - 7.3 / 10

While the cheerful combat with cool parkour moves were exceptionally fun, 'Forspoken' has been lacking in so many ways for players who have endured its delay announcement for twice. All those cute cats fill Frey's room only serve to double the loneliness that is already been full in Athian world.

GAMES.CH - German - 72%

Getting open world and narration under one lid is an art in itself. In a free game world, however, you should also be allowed to move freely and make your own mistakes. Here, as elsewhere, one cannot help but get the impression that the developers do not have too much confidence - neither in the abilities of the players nor in their own.

But Why Tho? - 7 / 10

Forspoken isn’t without its hiccups…Nevertheless, I enjoyed my time with Forspoken’s focal storyline…The relationship between the two main characters never ceases to entertain, and the gameplay is enjoyable.

COGconnected - 70 / 100

Forspoken is ambitious, and there are hints of a winning formula.

Destructoid - 7 / 10

Solid and definitely have an audience. There could be some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun.

Digital Trends - 3.5 / 5

Forspoken takes too long to get started due to a poorly paced story, but its dazzling spellcasting and parkour traversal will reward patient players.

GamingBolt - 7 / 10

Rather than letting its awful story simply be a good excuse for its excellent gameplay, Forspoken insists on constantly interrupting your fun to throw some truly bad exposition your way. Forspoken's character building and lore are a disaster but it manages to make it up with its incredible combat and traversal mechanics.

IGN Spain - Spanish - 7 / 10

An adventure in which the need to conquer the lady and the altruistic obsession to save the world give way to more human interests, more visceral and easier to connect with.

Inverse - 7 / 10

Forspoken is vibrant, experimental, and undercooked all at once. It feels like a throwback to the Xbox 360-era of Square Enix games that were weird and experimental, like The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery, only with a much bigger budget and flashier visuals. Its traversal and combat mechanics shine, but they’re trapped underneath a story and setting that feels painfully average and completely unwilling to engage with more challenging themes.

Niche Gamer - 7 / 10

The engineers who worked on Forspoken should be commended for refining the game engine, as well as the combat system programmers. The tech that makes the game possible is the showstopper- not the game itself. Aside from the game’s engine, Forspoken has dated open-world gameplay, a lame story, embarrassing dialogue, and the lighting sucks.

Screen Rant - 3.5 / 5

Forspoken is sprawling, awing in its scale, and a treat to look at, and while the gameplay is snappy and engaging, it's not necessarily impressive enough to completely distract from haphazard discussions with NPCs and a narrative that should have been given more space.

TheGamer - 3.5 / 5

Forspoken is a clunky game with awkward dialogue and characterisation, but the gameplay shines bright.

Wccftech - 7 / 10

Forspoken is a fun action game that shines best when you're taking advantage of the great magic parkour to soar through the fantasy world of Athia and blast enemies with overwhelmingly cool spells. However, its content is underwhelming, its RPG systems are weak, and its visuals are less advanced than advertised. As such, Forspoken's potential is largely unrealized in its current state. It's still a decent romp for genre fans to go through, though waiting until it gets a discount or is added to one of the many subscription services is recommended.

Worth Playing - 6.9 / 10

It might not seem like it right now, but Forspoken had some very good ideas, and I ended up still having some fun with it. It feels like it needed a little more time to figure out its real identity instead of its disjointed little-of-this, little-of-that experience. I think it's true form, which it hinted at, is as a young-adult, Bayonetta-adjacent ass-kicker, that needs to pick a tone and lean into it. If that's what it had been, we'd be onto something.

GamePro - German - 65 / 100

Forspoken inspires with its parkour and combat system, but otherwise can only convince moderately and gives away a lot of potential.

LevelUp - Spanish - 6.5 / 10

To say that Forspoken is a disappointment may seem harsh, but it's also not something that's far from the truth.  It's not that Luminous Productions made a bad game, they just put out one that isn't particularly good either. It will be a run-of-the-mill release that will earn some fans for its strengths, but will fail to transcend.

MMORPG.com - 6.5 / 10

In the end, Forspoken is okay, with its world, parkour, and combat as its high points.

TrueGaming - Arabic - 6.5 / 10

Forspoken is a good game but it doesn't live up to expectations; side content is mediocre, the world is uninspiring, the storytelling is not strong enough. However, the combat is the bright spot as it is refreshing and inventive, so for people who do prefer this aspect over everything else, Forspoken deserves a chance.

Game Rant - 3 / 5

Forspoken promises an intriguing world with a deep magic combat system, but it struggles in presentation and execution.

GameSkinny - 6 / 10

Into the Frey.

IGN - 6 / 10

Forspoken’s flashy combat and parkour can be fun, but they aren’t enough to make its cliche story and barebones open world very interesting to explore.

Paste Magazine - 6 / 10

All these fragments of Forspoken collide in messy ways that reveal the lack of depth or even synergy across the whole thing. Forspoken is, if anything, a compelling enough first draft at something that I think can be greater. Maybe next time around the puzzle pieces will actually fit and I'll be able to see the game it could've been. But as it stands right now, a more explicit direction could've prevented the thorough roasting everyone seems keen to deliver.

Shacknews - 6 / 10

Forspoken's magical parkour system has a lot of potential and can be fun. It offers a novel means of traversal, if nothing else. However, the combat and the vast world aren't enough for me to overlook many of Forspoken's other issues, which mainly start with Frey Holland herself.

Sirus Gaming - 6 / 10

It is apparent that Forspoken has potential. There are highs and lows but it seems like the latter is more obvious. Unfortunately, despite the fact that a demo was released in December to solicit feedback from players, the game has not improved. Despite the ample amount of delay, the game has failed to deliver the quality that we expect from a large publisher like Square Enix. Yes, it is playable, but if you can ignore the flaws and focus solely on the unique blend of story and great traverse mechanic, it will make your time in Athia worthwhile.

TheSixthAxis - 6 / 10

Forspoken was once one of the big reveals for the PS5 in 2020, but aside from using the SSD for open world magical parkour and the ultra quick fast travel, it is difficult to really see how it takes advantage of the latest console generation. The world of Athia looks good, and the combat full of flashy magic, but there's no major side quests to divert from repetitive activities and a predictable main story.

Tom's Guide - 3 / 5

Yes, the gameplay is solid and the visuals can be intriguing. The core narrative also has an interesting premise. But the game’s virtues are overshadowed by horrendous dialogue and an irritating protagonist. It’s a shame since, with better writing and acting, Forspoken could have been an awesome new IP. But as it stands, it’s a huge missed opportunity.

VG247 - 3 / 5

Its stuttering start belies a combat system that’s worth investing the effort to learn, but takes so long to get up to full speed that it’s already on borrowed time.

Attack of the Fanboy - 2.5 / 5

Forspoken fails to impress in several ways. Almost every good aspect of the game has a negative flip side. Though Forspoken isn't a bad game, the problems it does have hold it back from being great. All in all, Forspoken is just okay.

ComingSoon.net - 5 / 10

Frey may “do magic” and “kill jacked-up beasts,” but she can’t overcome the mediocrity that surrounds her and spills out of her mouth at nearly every turn.

GameSpot - 5 / 10

Forspoken is visually stimulating and a musical delight, but boring combat, poor characterization, and loose movement mechanics make for a mediocre experience.

Gameblog - French - 5 / 10

Square Enix did the right thing by investing in an entirely new franchise. But in the end, Forspoken is a huge disappointement with too many flaws to be a good game. A bland open world with forgets to shape its own identity, a poor writing and too many weakness from a technical point of view, coexist with some good gameplay mechanics like the spells and the parkour.

GamesRadar+ - 2.5 / 5

"Barring a few rare setpieces, Forspoken seems to prefer to tell rather than show"

XboxEra - 5 / 10

I came into Forspoken unsure of what I would find.  Its initial teasers promised a gorgeous magical world full of incredible sites.  Instead, we’ve been given something boring, that runs terribly and has a story full of overused tropes.  The combat fares no better, and it’s retailing for $70 at launch.  Do yourself a favor and only sate your curiosities once this game is on a deep sale.

PowerUp! - 4.5 / 10

Overall, there is very little in Forspoken worth mentioning. Seemingly a product without any clear direction and with any and every idea allowed to be added, Forspoken is a muddled, boring, toneless mess.

AusGamers - 4 / 10

At this point you could make it a true Daily Double and just guess your way to the game's eventual kick off point, and you'd probably pull ahead of all the other contestants.

Hardcore Gamer - 2 / 5

Where Forspoken should've been a striking and appealing fresh start for Luminous Productions, the end result sadly is a game not only bland and unpolished, but deprived of a reason to care for its unfolding mystery.

The Outerhaven Productions - 2 / 5

Forspoken is a bland experience about a girl and her cuff trying to save a world blanketed in corrupting mists. It tries to do a lot of things but doesn't ever really do any one thing well.

ACG - Rent

"Forspoken comes out of the leaping into 2023 and falls flat on its face with boring combat and a terrible main protagonist."

Chicas Gamers - Spanish - Unscored

Forspoken is a semi-open world RPG that will invite us to explore Athia with Frey, a New Yorker who will have to fix that place in order to return to hers. Making good use of DualSense and with a fun combat system once we have access to the entire set of spells, Forspoken tells us an interesting story with some plot twist and different endings. After finishing the game we can extend our experience if we want to fully explore Athia thanks to new missions. Despite what it promised, the game suffers from having a very fair graphic section for the current generation and a world that is emptier than it should be.

Eurogamer - No Recommendation

Forspoken takes it time to get over a wobbly start, but there's something worthwhile here amongst the noise.

GameXplain - Liked

Video Review - Quote not available

GamesBeat - Unscored

I’ll come back here and rate the game once I’ve finished the last chapter. However, I’m not convinced that it’s going to become any more magical and entertaining than it is now. It’s a shame, because the game starts from a good place: A new fantasy IP with a take-no-prisoners female protagonist. And I can tell that a lot of the people who worked on the game were sincerely trying. But I can also tell that several others very much were not.

Polygon - Unscored

Forspoken’s opening hours are by far its worst. It took me 16 hours to complete the game, taking in a fair bit of the side offerings in this open-world action RPG, being careful not to sprint too quickly toward the game’s conclusion, though the temptation was there.

Washington Post - Unscored

“Forspoken” doesn’t do anything new for the open-world genre of games, but it does offer just enough to distinguish itself, mostly thanks to Frey and her magic spells, and a story that’s able to stick the landing.

gameranx - Unscored

Video Review - Quote not available

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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Forspoken (24 January 2023) - Information Thread, update: reviews from OpenCritic posted
20 minutes ago, nublood said:

Thanks for the list of reviews SFLU. Now I know which reviewers not to take seriously anymore.

I mean, the only people giving it good reviews are outlets that nobody has heard of.


6-6.5 is about what I expected from the demo.

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Large gaming outlet PC Games actually put out a good video regarding the lack of Forspoken review codes for some big outlets. It's in German but the auto-subtitles work perfectly fine. It's an interesting watch regarding black lists etc. 




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1 minute ago, Keyser_Soze said:


From what I saw you could get a code if you were a content creator, there's a website you can go to sign up for it.




Right - "influencers" had no problem receiving codes, but "traditional" review outlets receiving one appears to be hit or miss.

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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Forspoken (PS5/PC) - Information Thread, update: PC demo now live on Steam/EGS/Microsoft Store, "Official Launch Trailer"

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