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Battlefield V's "Grand Operations" mode will not be available at launch; Update: Battlefield Twitter account clarifies that it will be available at launch

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1 hour ago, Paperclyp said:

If you read the official piece they have a clarification. (And say it WILL be in there as a part of tides of war or something... which I don’t know what that is like if it’s something extra or something everyone gets). 



Tides of War is what Dice calls a "themed experience". Its timed events where for a certain time a map layout might change or they change the vehicle load outs, and you can earn skins or special assignments. 

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On 7/27/2018 at 11:14 PM, SimpleG said:

Agreed, Operations is a terrible mode.Every map turns in to a meat grinder in Operations.

what?? Thats crazy talk. I pretty much exclusively played conquest until I really gave operations a try and now I wont go back. 


I absolutely love the flow of operations. It fixes the thing I hated about conquest (aimless wandering around the map back and forth) while still feeling like conquest. 


I find that operations forces me to play every class depending on the situation. In conquest you just play the class you want and roll with it. 

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