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Canadian Trump to slash Toronto city council to 25 councillors from 47, sources say

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Premier Doug Ford is slashing the size of Toronto city council almost in half before the October election, the Star has learned.


In a stunning development, Ford is also cancelling planned regional chair elections in Peel and York, thwarting the ambitions of his political foe Patrick Brown, the former Progressive Conservative leader, as well as those of former Liberal cabinet minister Steven Del Duca.



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9 hours ago, SilentWorld said:

can he do that.

Yes. In Canada the provincial governments can legislate city powers and structure. The outrage is that he never mentioned it during the election, and it appears to take away power from city voters and give it to suburban voters (i.e. to conservatives).

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Oh, and this isn't the most outrageous part (though it still is). The worst part is that he is also cancelling four elections for regional board positions in Ontario, in the middle of an active election campaign. Perhaps coincidentally, the current favourites in those four elections are on the opposite end of the political spectrum. It's a total abuse of power to simply cancel elections if your own team is going to lose. I hope this turns into a scandal and that he has to backpeddle. Completely undemocratic.

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Well his late brother also intended to do the same thing when he was mayor of T.O. People should of known that we elected a Trump into office but we didn’t learn a single thing from our American neighbours. 


At least he is taking a nice stance on the marijuana sales. No longer going to be control by the LCBO. He’s going to allow privatized stores to apply for a license to sale now. The original plan would of kept many potential buyers from going in and purchase said products. There are more illegal shops in my near by city of Hamilton than what the government would have opened all this year for the entire province. 

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