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Sony The Last of Us Part II - Information Thread (June 19 release), update: "Inside The Gameplay" trailer

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I've always wanted to know why they decided to return to Joel and Ellie for the sequel. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I could swear that when the first game came out, Naughty Dog said that if they were to ever make a sequel, it wouldn't be with Joel and Ellie, it would be with new characters, as Joel and Ellie's story was finished. If that was indeed the case, I wonder what made them decide to reverse that decision, and indeed come back to Joel and Ellie. I wish some interviewer would ask them. Did they try and think up a new story with new characters, but the thought of, "what could Joel and Ellie be up to now" kept cropping up, and was too enticing to not write? 

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