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PlayStation 5 (12 November 2020) - Information Thread, update: Standard Edition - $499/Digital Edition - $399, pre-orders begin 17 September 2020

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1 minute ago, Mercury33 said:

My least favorite part of new consoles. Stressing out about securing a damn preorder lol

That just leads right into the next least favorite part. The wait till release. Then wondering why it’s still sitting in the UPS depot at 11am on release day. PUT THAT FUCKER ON THE TRUCK!

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17 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

Nah I take your word for it. I knew you did something with AI but didn't know exactly what. I wasn't really sure where you were on this Series S thing but like I said, I don't really see any of this tuff holding back the next gen and was really trying to see how this cross gen stuff on the PS5 would play with those folks who thought Halo infinite being on current gen consoles hurt IT as well. If you have inside knowledge on why the Series S is gonna hold back the next gen that isn't based on speculation then please share. I can only go by what I'm reading and a lot of devs are saying it won't :shrug:


I think the only relevant point about Halo Infinite being on current gen holding it back is it probably made the work that much slower and harder. Developer resources are tight and by working across generations, console developers lose one of the best weapons they have: they can spend all their time worrying about just one piece of generational hardware. Multiple generations of hardware can make development a much bigger pain in the ass even if you should be able to get it to work in principle.


In general I actually feel a lot of sympathy for 343. It sounds like MS put in them in a tough spot in lots of different ways, although I don't have any special insight into that beyond what we've seen released on the web.


But PS5 will also absolutely have games in the beginning also "held back" to whatever extent Halo Infinite is because everyone should full well expect games to be cross gen for the first year *at least*. That's why the concerning part for me regarding the S is what its existence means for the later years of the new generation where normally developers would start focusing their efforts on just the newer hardware and be able to set the bar higher. That's also why I hope MS lets developers neglect it in those later years :p 


Re: more specific AI and gaming stuff I'm associated with, I'll probably share more some time in the future, but not for a while.

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4 minutes ago, Mercury33 said:

I like that at the beginning of a new gen everyone forgets what the beginning of a new gen is like. It’s like the first snow fall of the year when everyone shits themselves like they haven’t lived in the north their whole lives lol


The most disappointing thing about next gen will the the lack of previous gen clearance sales. 


I can't wait. My favorite part of a new generation is opening the box and snorting "new electronics smell" until my nose bleeds.

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Just now, Dodger said:

Looks like she got it to work fuckers already took the money out of my account. Says standard shipping, this is going to be release day delivery right?

Well then target add posted above said “get it today with same day delivery.” So those dicks should be delivering it to you tonight. 

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