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Universal basic income

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Hypothetically, if you were receiving $1,000 a month from the government, it would probably make you less inclined to accept a job with bad working conditions and bad pay.

If you have that happening economy-wide, then you have put workers in a position where they have more bargaining power than employers. Employers would have to increase wages and improve working conditions.

A UBI isn't the only way to do that. Obviously, we can do that through any number of policies, including things like requiring employers to provide health care or raise the minimum wage or requiring paid family leave for larger employers. But a UBI is another tool that would help get you there.


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Healthcare, housing, public education, strong labor unions, minimum wage, and access to healthy and affordable food would be some of most important.  


If everyone got say an extra $1000 a month, prices for everything would go up as people try to get a chunk of the UBI money.  Employers would probably use it as an excuse to lower wages.


Even worse, tech geniuses and libertarians seem to think it would be an excuse to get rid of welfare. 

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