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~*Official #COVID-19 Thread of Doom*~ Revenge of Omicron Prime

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10 minutes ago, Remarkableriots said:

Refusal to recognise vaccines given across Latin America, Africa and south Asia has been denounced as ‘discriminatory’


The country is run by a guy who's rocking Doofy Gilmore's haircut from Scary Movie, so yeah...

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LMAO the FDA panel didn't even let Pfizer finish their presentation, the panel knew the answer they wanted going into it.



[Pfizer] was cut off during its presentation for going long, and missed a chance to talk to the panelists about the concerns that mattered to them



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2 hours ago, Chris- said:

The Islanders are your favorite team? Damn dude that’s rough. 


It's been great since Lou and Barry took over. Compared to every year since '93 at least.


Half the fanbase is basically like the clown above though so that's unfortunate.

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22 hours ago, Bloodporne said:

Good. Nobody's gonna take away MY freedom to cripple my child for life and then have the American government not help at all because we're not a fucking communist hellhole like Sweden!





Go Fund Me should consider going IPO. The amount of campaigns to help pay medical and funeral bills will grow exponentially 

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