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What is Popeye's favorite food?

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I really like popeye's chicken tendies. I do not care for their bone in options. The fake smoke flavor just taste bad on the bone in shit. I also really like chick-fil-a's tendies and nuggies, but that shit cost too much. One of the worst bang for your buck Fast Food places for me. 

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11 hours ago, Emblazon said:

No thanks. And their food isn’t particularly good, either. 

I tried it the other day. It sucked and it’s overpriced. The Mac and cheese was amazing though. I might go back just for that tbh. 

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On 1/13/2020 at 3:49 PM, SaysWho? said:


I remember @brucoe once talked about up-sizing fast food sodas, where they tell you, "Do you want the larger size for only 10 cents more?" And he said, "But really, they're asking if you want X amount more sugar for 10 cents more and we view that as a deal."


I never thought about it the same way again after that post.

Yeah, and I still think about that every time faced with the same situation, although it's been well over a year or so since I've stepped into a fast food restaurant. My physique has changed SO MUCH for the better since those days.

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