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NFL Week 17 - Raiders' Last Shot at the Playoffs


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For some teams it is a day of rest. For other teams it's a fight for a bye or even a shot at the playoffs.



Kansas City clinches a #2 seed and first round bye with a win and a Patriots win or a (Chiefs) loss and Texans loss.

Patriots get a #2 seed with a win or a Chiefs loss.

Texans  will be the #3 seed with a win and Chiefs loss otherwise they are a #4.

Titans can clinch the #6 seed with a win or a Steelers and Colts loss.

Steelers  clinch the #6 seed if they win and the Titans lose / Titans and Raiders lose and the Colts win / Colts and Raiders win and the Bears, Lions, Chargers and Patriots lose.

Raiders get the #6 seed if they win and both the Titans and Steelers lose AND the Colts win AND if Bears, Lions, Chargers or Patriots win.




Packers can get #1 seed with a win and 49ers loss. With a win and 49ers win or a (Packers) loss and and a Saints loss they will be the #2 seed.

49ers clinch the NFC west and #1 seed with a win. With a loss they'll be the #5 seed.

Seahawks clinch the NFC west with a win but need the Packers and Saints to be the #1 seed. They are the #2 seed with a win and Packers loss. Just a win makes them the #3 seed. A loss makes them a #5 seed.

Saints get a first round bye with a win and a loss bye 49ers or packers if both lose Saints get the #1 seed.

Cowboys need a win and Eagles loss to clinch the division.

Eagles clinch the east and #4 seed with a win or Cowboys loss.


Bengals will the the first pick in the draft no matter if they win or lose!



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