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Here's a Nintendo ad where half the time is spent on an Xbox One...


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Man I can't tell you how awesome cross play is. When playing sea of thieves with @Emblazon I forget that he is playing from a PC. It's just a great thing to be able to play a game with some one regardless where or what they are playing on. Makes me wish more games start doing this. 


I haven't played Minecraft in a while and the things MS has done with it is pretty cool. Realms, the Minecraft store and the ability to play it with literally anyone (Xbox, switch, PC, phones and VR crossplay) is excellent. 

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Speaking of Minecraft. I found two codes that I got with my Xbox One S for the Minecraft Xbox One Edition and Windows 10 Edition. If anyone can guess the number I'm thinking of 1-100 can choose which version they want. I'll pick 2 winners until I given away both codes. The Xbox One edition for Minecraft I think also has access to the new version of Minecraft that is cross play with everything. Good luck! 


EDIT: I'll make a new thread for this give away.

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