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Rule the ring with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, the most robust version of the acclaimed fighting game! This all-new knockout edition includes all content (excluding Fighting Chance costumes, brand collaboration costumes and Capcom Pro Tour DLC) from both Street Fighter V and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and adds each character, stage and costume that released after Arcade Edition and will release with Champion Edition. In total: 40 characters, 34 stages and over 200 costumes!


Fighters can battle their way through a variety of exciting single-player and multi-player modes designed for players of all skill levels, including Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Team Battle, Ranked Match, Casual Match and more. In addition to the main game and the included characters, stages and costumes, new V-Skills for each character and a balance update will be released, adding new gameplay improvements and more depth to the combat system. READY? FIGHT!


Full Version Coming February 14, 2020!
Upgrade Kit Available Now!


PRE-ORDER to receive a new costume color for each character!


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Matt McMuscles has a good video on what happened with SFV (basically they blew their budget on a scrapped version of the game, took that Sony money then had to rush the game out before the end of the physical year)



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On 7/29/2020 at 5:22 PM, Bataar said:

Man, I just never could get into SFV. SFIV was just so much better.


I think SSFIV is the most I've ever played a fighting game. I wasn't good at all, but I enjoyed the online (and I think won...10 times, which felt like an achievement) enough on both the 360 and the 3DS. 

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I mainly don't like the characters in SFV. I also didn't like SFIII and V seems to borrow a lot from III. I can't stand the following characters;





R. Mica







I used to really like M. Bison and Vega, but hate the way the play in SFV.

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