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Recipes Utilizing Dried Chile Peppers


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If anyone has recipes to share utilizing ancho, arbol, chipotle, guajillo, pasilla, or cascabel dried peppers please feel free to share. I'm going to make chili colorado on Tuesday and a batch of tri-bean chili this weekend utilizing these peppers as a base for them. Also may test out a mole sauce perhaps!? What else ya got?

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On 11/18/2019 at 5:30 PM, SoberChef said:

That sound phenomenal, thanks so much @Jose


2 things I should have added from making this recipes over 10 times in my life:


1. Don't spend the extra money on the short rib. The chuck roast comes out absurdly good and it's less than half the price.

2. Dont worry about the chile specifications. I started playing with what chiles I used after my first couple times and the results were always equally phenomenal. I usually throw in a couple extra to boot as well and it's still mighty tasty.

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Oh yeah I totally was going to go the chuck way, curious about the oxtail however...guessing the collagen adds that lip smacking mouth feel!?


I have so many chilis I cannot wait to experiment with all kinds of things with them. Totally going to tweak my go to tri-bean chili in another week or so.

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