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Father of Parkland School Shooting Survivors Killed in North Lauderdale Armed Robbery

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The father of two Parkland school shooting survivors was fatally shot at his own North Lauderdale convenience store during a robbery, according to the Broward County Sheriff's Office.



Time to remove the doors from convenience stores?

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I was robbed at gunpoint when I worked in a convenience store years ago. I remember a very bad incident at another location but same company I worked for. A former employee asked the lady working if she would check the cooler for a certain beer which was empty in the cooler display. He followed her in the cooler and smashed her in the head with a bottle. He rung up customers while she was bleeding in the cooler and stole all the cash. She was in the hospital for a long time and it changed company policy where we no longer checked the cooler for customers if only one employee was on shift.

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4 hours ago, skillzdadirecta said:

I've had more guns pointed at me than a normal person should, never been shot although I was pistol whipped once. Shit isn't fun... I still don't feel the need to carry a gun on me at all times.

I've had a gun pointed at me a few times besides being robbed at work. First time was at my apartment because my roommate was a drug addict and his drug dealer threatened me for money he owed when I answered the door. Another time was a steroid freak who was pissed off because I asked him for his ID to purchase beer at my job. I don't even own a gun.

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