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Chargers, NFL reportedly considering relocating franchise to London on permanent basis amid L.A. failures


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This kind of move seems extremely unlikely unless there's a TV viewership to justify the move. Due to the time difference, it should be obvious that the London games get far worse ratings in the US than they otherwise would. I can't quickly find any good sources for UK TV ratings, but nothing I've found suggests that those games get many viewers. The recent Rugby World Final reached a peak of 12.8M viewers, making it the most watched moment in UK TV this year. That doesn't compare well to US NFL ratings, and I'm quite certain that the NFL doesn't get anything like that kind of viewership over there.


It's not impossible. If there was some idea that a local team could spur fandom and viewers maybe a London team could make sense, but as it stands it would almost certainly mean the London team's viewership would drop significantly from what even the Chargers pull in each week. It would be a huge risk with no guarantee that it would pay off, and that doesn't seem like the kind of thing Spanos is likely to sign up for.

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Just make the Chargers the new Harlem Globetrotters. They can play all 8 “home” games in different cities.  Mexico City, Tokyo, London, Berlin, Beijing, Paris, Sydney, and Cape Town. If they miraculously make the playoffs, all games will be based in LA. Let’s make it happen!



Make them the LA/Mexico City Chargers. It will help them build a fan base in LA and won’t wreck havoc on tv ratings. 


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