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Biggest 3D Printing Project Yet (300mm Hulk)

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Since getting  a really good second printer cheap I decided to tackle something huge, a 13" Hulk

I wanted to go high quality without getting too insane so I went with a 0.15mm layer height (most people do .2, .05 is the finest you can typically pull off but it would have printed for a week per part)

each part was about 4-5 hours at this quality


I used Ace Hardwares generic Wood fill to fill up the gaps, sanded it down then applied rustoleum primer/filler, let dry, sanded again and another coat of white primer.

Did a flesh base coat and it's drying right now.. started this on Thurs of last week, had an issue printing the left arm and didn't get it successful until Monday, and have been working on it since then as time allows.   Hoping to have it fully painted at some point on Saturday but I want to take my time and really do it right.


I'm already deeming this $199 second printer money well spent.








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4 hours ago, brandino said:

Any reason behind the different color filaments?

Two reasons honestly.

1. Using two different 3d Printers and I don't typically have more than one roll of the same color

2.  I ran out of the black filament after doing the waist (and had a few failures on the left arm) so I broke out a brand new roll of the blush.


Normally I would try to do an entire print in one color but knowing I was going to fill and prime this one I figured it wouldn't matter once it was done.

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