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They can put you in jail; do not trust them

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A million Americans a year are arrested for drunken driving, and most stops begin the same way: flashing blue lights in the rearview mirror, then a battery of tests that might include standing on one foot or reciting the alphabet.


What matters most, though, happens next. By the side of the road or at the police station, the drivers blow into a miniature science lab that estimates the concentration of alcohol in their blood. If the level is 0.08 or higher, they are all but certain to be convicted of a crime.


But those tests — a bedrock of the criminal justice system — are often unreliable, a New York Times investigation found. The devices, found in virtually every police station in America, generate skewed results with alarming frequency, even though they are marketed as precise to the third decimal place.


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I got pulled over in Queens once at 4am and made to do a breathalyzer. Luckily I am paranoid about getting pulled over with even a single drink in me, so I blew a 0.0.


However, they made me do the test like 4 times because they didn't know how to work the machine and thought the 0.0 was a fluke or an error each time it appeared. That was some scary shit. I had like 7 police officers and 2 NYPD vans on me during the incident.

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46 minutes ago, Jose said:


How can you know? Google is sketchy with the info. 

If you know someone who is LEO ask them or a lawyer. Even if the statue says you can do one or the other it can get tricky. Some places allow the choice to be left up to the officer or they will give you the option of blood test but you have to get a medical professional to show up and do the blood work for you at your cost.

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