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Odds of Nvidia supporting HDMI 2.1 next refresh?


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Anyone have any pointers to rumors/leaks regarding Nvidia supporting HDMI 2.1 on their next refresh?


Once I realized that upgrading my GPU would be dumb without upgrading my whole PC, I put my upgrade plans on hold. The nice thing about waiting and doing a whole PC upgrade is we're now reaching a panacea of new technologies that will make my next PC upgrade extremely worthwhile. To name a few,


Ray tracing is now possible.

AMD CPUs have solid single threaded performance while also giving very good multi-threaded support, which seems like it will be increasingly important.

NVMe SSDs are game changing for loading times and streaming.

LG OLEDs have the beautiful OLED tech, 4K, HDR, low response time, and HDMI 2.1 support with the particularly important support for VRR. (I plan on pairing this PC upgrade with a new LG TV.)


Current Nvidia cards are even supporting VRR as it is with the LG OLED's. But the catch is that it still doesn't have the full bandwidth being that its HMDI 2.0 hardware with only support for (some of) the 2.1 spec.


That puts me in a position where I would like to wait for 2.1 support on the video card to pull the trigger. It's kind of the one missing piece and it would be unfortunate to upgrade to only have to upgrade the video card shortly after.


So, are there any indications that the next refresh will have it? I'm hoping that because they made a big deal about their current cards supporting VRR on LG TVs that it is something they care about.

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Since the standard is already in display devices it should be in the next generation of, at least, high end video cards.  I'm only slightly surprised AMD's recent 5700 cards don't have HDMI 2.1 because they usually adopt standards before they take off (they were the first to implement DisplayPort), but they are really just the mid-range cards of the "new" generation/architecture, and can't really handle 4k beyond 60 Hz anyway.

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