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Ars: How a months-old AMD microcode bug destroyed my weekend

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How a months-old AMD microcode bug destroyed my weekend


AMD shipped Ryzen 3000 with a serious microcode bug in its random number generator.


A broken random-number generator is a very serious bug, and it's troubling that more hasn't been said or done about this issue by AMD in the last three months. Ryzen 3000 is a great CPU platform in general, and I've been very impressed with the new system... except for spending an entire frustrated weekend troubleshooting it, being uneasy about the impact this will have on my overall system security, and having no idea when I can expect to be able to actually fix it.

I reached out to AMD representatives earlier today, and they've responded with questions about my hardware but no solutions yet. I'll update this article with any fixes or recommendations as they arrive.



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Looks like it's up to motherboard vendors to implement the fix, and some have done it and some are still working on it.  They are also probably updating BIOS's starting from their newest boards and working backwards.


But the good news is that there is an actual fix for this, unlike the Phenom's TLB bug in which the fix severely degraded performance.

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