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Band of Brothers 3: Masters of the Air announced! On Apple TV :(

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Apple has found the first TV series it’s going to produce in-house for its upcoming TV Plus streaming service: a third entry in Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Gary Goetzman’s Band of Brothers franchise.


The miniseries is expected to run north of eight hours, and will reportedly cost more than $200 million to make, according to Deadline. The new series is based on Donald L. Miller’s book, Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought The Air War Against Nazi Germany, and will focus on members of the Air Force during the Second World War. The first two installments in the Band of Brothers franchise, Band of Brothers and The Pacific, focused on the United States’ Army and Marine divisions.


Both Band of Brothers and The Pacific found a home at HBO — and helped earn the network a number of Emmy awards between 2002 and 2010, including 43 total Emmy nominations and 14 wins. The shows became a staple of HBO, with Band of Brothers helping usher in one of the network’s most prestigious eras. Masters of the Air was supposed to go to HBO as well, according to Deadline, but the network let the show go. Apple is “better situated to make the requisite financial commitment,” Deadline reports.


Guess HBO decided not to take it, so Apple bought the rights. I can see why HBO passed, it would be a bit harder to make a similar show to BoB/Pacific with air crews (not that it can't be compelling!), especially with the $200 million price tag.

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20 minutes ago, Jwheel86 said:

I wonder if HBO backed not only because of the money but the fact that the strategic bombing of Europe isn't exactly as 'clean' as the story of the 101st's and the Marines in the Pacific. 


Could be a part of it. There were definitely some "clean" bombing missions...but you can't tell a story based on just those. 

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2 hours ago, CitizenVectron said:


I still hold that Band of Brothers is the greatest piece of visual media ever created. Pacific was great too, but not a masterpiece.

I still watch BoB every year start to finish at least once, typically around the holidays, same as I do with the extended editions of LotR. The Pacific just didn't quite hook me in like the original but its still compelling in its own right for sure.

56 minutes ago, elbobo said:

I'm just going to post this every time there is a show I want to watch on one of the 100 different services I do not subscribe too





This seems so very accurate!

28 minutes ago, GeneticBlueprint said:

I feel a bit like Morty Smith in that I missed out on/never heard of Band of Brothers 2/The Pacific.

You need to rectify that then Morty!

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