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Aron Eisenberg is now navigating the Great Material Continuum. :(


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Props to Armin, Max, and Aron for adding great depth and nuance to a race of aliens that TNG largely mishandled.


I am always surprised when I hear Trek fans that like TNG and hate DS9 or vice versa. To me, it is their differences that make them both so good. A character like Nog is a great example of one of DS9's strengths. To take a small, largely uninteresting character and build him up over time into a great character. And Aron was great in the part. Who could have imagined when he was playing practical jokes with Jake in s1 that he would be the same character to have the scene with Vic about the horrors of war. 



I got my mom into Deep Space Nine. She is a huge fan of Jeffrey Combs as Weyoun and Shran(from Enterprise). Faith, Treachery, and the Great River is her favorite episode because it's the one time Weyoun actually gets to be a good guy. Her other favorite is The Magnificient Ferengi because she's a much bigger sucker for the Ferengi humor than I am. She's really bummed about the news.


Following this news I found out Cirroc and Aron started a podcast together at the beggining of the year. To talk about Disco, DS9, and interview some other actors from Trek. I started listening to it, but just couldn't get to far knowing what happened :(

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