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Comcast promised not to raise prices—guess what happened next


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When I lived in Provo I had Comcast. The city announced Google Fiber was coming and that very same day Comcast just so happened to bump me (and others I spoke with) from our 80/5 down/up to a 250/250. These speeds were not available to purchase in Provo before that day. When Google Fiber was available in my neighborhood I signed up immediately. They came and installed and left. I called to cancel Comcast and they did everything to try and save me--lowering the price, updgrading the speed even more, free cable TV add on, etc.--Mind you this was after several years of price increases combined with stagnant service that didn't upgrade until some competition showed up (imagine that!).


Now I live in a different city and I have Comcast again. But the city is expanding its fiber network and my neighborhood is due to have fiber service in 2021. The service in this city for Comcast is a joke. There is also a data cap that you can pay an extortion fee to have removed.... and the city borders Provo! I went to their store and asked to have the data cap removed or if they could make it less painful with a TV upgrade or something. Nothing. At that point I told the CSR that I knew he couldn't do anything, but that the feedback I had for people above him is that the time to save me as a customer is right now, not in two years when I come in to cancel when there will be another option available to me.


Fuck Comcast.

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