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As many as 33 dead at Kyoto Animation from an apparent arson attack...

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1 hour ago, Greatoneshere said:

I didn't watch much KyoAni anime, but I know how good they are at what they do. All of this just absolutely sucks.


A Silent Voice is so good and it's available on Netflix.


This all really sucks. They were one of the good animation studios. They gave fair wages, didn't run their animators into the ground, and actually gave women a chance to succeed.


I would seriously hate to see them disappear, but who knows how they'd come back from this. They'd need enough money to rebuild and take on new projects, while retaining people who might just look for work elsewhere.


At the same time, the survivors must be going through something awful. Everything sucks.

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12 hours ago, Ghost_MH said:

Looks like we have something of a twisted motive.




Sounds like the arsonist submitted a novel for a contest KyoAni was holding and lost in the first round of judging.

Jesus Christ.

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