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2 hours ago, Greatoneshere said:

Director Alexandre Aja's first good film since High Tension? Possibly. 


I went in expecting nothing more than witnessing a couple of people struggling to survive and left satisfied. Sure there is sort of a  'story' but its pretty meaningless and honestly unimportant. It's man vs nature...with nature coming in the form of both the storm and the gators. 

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I don't usually make it out to movie like this (although, are there really that many movies like this these days?) but the positive reviews were enough for me to check out a Discount Tuesday show after work. And man, I had a blast. I normally like going to these mid-week matinees specifically because the theater is nearly empty, but this time I could have used a larger audience. The reactions of the super jumpy old folks a few rows in front of me really added to the experience. 

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