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Icons: Combat Arena (F2P Platform Fighter)


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Official Early Access release is July 12th.

Yeah, I've been enjoying the hell out of this.  It's a blast to play, the netcode is great, and the F2P systems seem well implemented so far.  Characters and cosmetics will be unlockable by playing, or you can pay $25 for immediate access to all fighters present and future. 

Highly recommended it to anyone who's ever enjoyed Smash, or wants to see what the fuss is about without commitment.  I think it already plays better than most of them, especially online.

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I signed up yesterday.


This email has me concerned I won't get a key at all.



2. Once you have filled out the form, you will receive an email with a Steam Key and directions to setup Icons: Combat Arena. Please note it may take up to 7 days to receive a confirmation.

Still no email with key.

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On 6/22/2018 at 12:46 PM, Keyser_Soze said:

How does this game stack up against Slap City?


Haven't played it, but I know people are enjoying both.  Slap City is a little more casual in spirit, but doubles down on some unintuitive technical things (L-Canceling) oddly enough.


Since Icons is free, it should have the larger player base and more longevity as a result.

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They bungled the launch of this for free players.  It takes a long time to level up, and the loot boxes you get as a result don't ever drop currency (to buy characters) due to the number of items and a duplicates=cash system.  You're still guaranteed a new character every 30 levels, but that's going to take about as many hours, if not longer.


In response, they're now giving enough currency at start to pick a 4th character.  In the future, they're changing how currency drops work, adding some kind of milestone/achievement based unlock system, and are opening up training mode to characters you haven't unlocked.


Until those changes make it in, I'd only recommend if you don't mind playing with 4 characters right now.  Or if you look at it as a demo, and the $25 all-characters pack as the real game.  The pack should have more value as the roster grows beyond the starting 7.

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