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The end of the MADness: MAD Magazine to stop publishing new content this year

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Yesterday contributors to MAD Magazine officially got the news that, after 67 years of continuous publication that began with Harvey Kurtzman‘s brilliant comic book and eventually evolved into the magazine that forever changed the world of satire and humor, MAD will stop publishing new content after issue #10 in October. The magazine will continue with all reprint material under new cover art but will only be sold via the direct market and current subscriptions. News stand distribution will cease and obligations to current subscribers will be fulfilled with these reprint issues. It’s my understanding that new or extended subscriptions will no longer be available, and once current subscriptions expire that also will be at an end. DC will continue to publish books and special collections under the MAD brand. Of course we all knew this was coming. Last week DC laid off one art director and three of the four remaining editors. Not too many magazines can keep publishing without any staff.



It was in early 2009 that the writing was really on the wall. As of issue #500, MAD went from monthly publication to quarterly. Clearly DC was now looking at MAD‘s bottom line with an executioner’s eye. That only lasted for about a year, when MAD increased to bi-monthly in 2010. However one thing that many people do not know is that MAD‘s page rate for contributors was cut nearly in half at that same time. I’m sure certain longtime contributors kept their old rate, but the rest of us saw a drastic drop in pay for the same amount of work.



I will say… it’s hard to be one of the ones that has to turn out the lights.


Thanks for the many years of laughs, MAD. RIP.


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I used to read MAD Magazine cover-to-cover every single month. It was a part of my childhood for like 6 or 7 years...


I actually have a subscription to it now for my kids, but they really don't care about it. My oldest has probably spent about 10 minutes in total reading them over the last year of issues... My youngest is still a little too young...


The quality of the content is pretty bad these days. I think it's a mix of reasons... A.) I'm more mature, <kinda>... B.) The quality has gone down... C.) It was probably never that great...

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