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Who's in Austin TX?


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What is my mission? I'm in Austin Texas.


What do you want to know about Austin Texas? More people moving in than moving out. People moving out to live in surrounding areas because the increased cost of housing. I have lived here since 2009 and I love it here. Lots of great live music and nice watering holes to cool off in the summer like Barton Springs and 


There are three parts to 6th street. Dirty 6th is the tourist trap full of young hooligans (not college kids)and a rough crowd. West 6th is nice and great people watching more upscale. East 6th is the cool  part. Not as upscale as west but cool dives and great music.


Although many that visit spend their time down town the city is full of spots to go and hang out and grab a drink.


Austin is in the Hill country so the city is not flat like DFW and Houston.

Also nice that the city is not nearly as big as the others. 

People complain if they have to drive more than 10 mins.


There are tons of good pleases to eat.


Austin has a huge green belt that you can go walk through and more nice places to cool off in the spring water.


I like to play Disc Golf and there are a number of places to do just that in city parks.


There is a shopping area called the Domain it is nice and growing. It is the upscale restaurants and shopping.


Traffic is mostly north and south with the bottleneck being downtown on 35. Also don't forget to use Mopac as 35 is often very busy.


Austin has a Formula One race Track and when that happens here it is great people watching.


Austin loves Willie Nelson but not everyone is into country music. You have to go to certain places to hang out with the shit kickers.


Austin doesn't have a national team for any sport so the town is a college town and people root for UT Longhorns. I haven't been to any games but maybe one day.


A town above Round Rock has a minor league baseball team I have been to some of those games the Round Rock Express.


You can make a day trip of San Antonio. It is only a little over an hour away.


The city has a pretty good average education level since it is the capital and a college town. 


Also people here are mostly liberal.

* It is like a bubble in Texas that is very different from the rest of the state.



BBQ is great here. Best place is Franklins but get early and prepare to wait but it is worth it. However if you don't want to there are many other great BBQ spots.


Are you visiting or moving?

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