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Jonah Ryan is the greatest sitcom character ever (Veep LTTP)

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I'm LTTP on this show that I should have been watching from day one. Every episode makes me love Jonah Ryan more and more. I was seriously crying after watching this scene. It's my favorite sitcom line ever now.



The delivery of the line, the zoom out to reveal where he is, and the argument right after are just pure fucking genius. Also (in regards to Hamilton): "Then why the fuck did they write a musical about him? He's our first Puerto Rican president."


I'm in season 6 right now. 

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It took a while for me to warm up to the show, about three seasons. But now I go back and watch the first seasons and laugh like I didn’t do the first time around. I still need to catch the up with the last season but I did watch the finale... amazing stuff. 

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