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I'm starting to get a small obsession with small homes.


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This is about a boring a thread as I can make over something as stupid as it sounds.  I love the idea of small, well built properties with a smartly laid out interior that would be suitable for 1-2 people.  This is now getting to the point where I'm confident if I'm alone when I'm 70, I'm going to buy a Shepherd's Hut and live in it, read all day, play whatever portable games console still works and wait to either die by exposure, or being stolen, house included in the middle of the night. 



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I get it. I don't really need much room, and buying a "real" house seems like it'll always be impossible for me. I'm sure they come with their own complications, but having my own little space in the form of a tiny/mobile home sounds really appealing. 

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